Mamata Yoga – App

Stay connected and grounded in your pregnancy with this informational prenatal yoga APP! Follow the simple and easy instructions on how to safely practice 70 yoga poses as they relates to pregnancy.

Whether you’re a student of yoga for the first time or an experienced yoga teacher, this prenatal yoga APP is accessible for everyone. Learn how to safely modify poses for expectant mother’s in your class or follow along in your home as this app offers safe alignment cues, modifications and enhancements while learning the benefits and precautions tailored for each pose and each trimester of pregnancy.

Practice designed sequences for each trimester or choose a yoga sequences to aid in relief to some of those amazingly challenging pregnancy ailments! Each sequence is placed in order of practice with additional information needed for each pose accompanied by a beautiful photo and alternative enhancements.

Mamata Yoga is elated to share over 10 years of prenatal yoga experience as a doula, a prenatal educator, a mother and a experienced yoga teacher working closely with physiotherapist who specialize in women’s health. This APP is educational, informational and relaxing! Stay present, be mindful and enjoy this transformational journey into Motherhood.

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