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Welcome to our Online 25 hr Fertility Yoga Teacher Training.  This training prepares yoga teachers, birth workers and educators to teach  students safe yoga asana modifications, breathing techniques to support a healthy conception and mindfulness practices to reduce fertility anxiety.  If you're a Yoga Alliance teacher, these hours can be used for Online Continuing Education Units (CEU's).  YES, upon completion you'll receive a Certificate to teach and gain employment! 


New Training Launched 2022!

Mamata Yoga has been certifying yoga teachers globally since 2011.  We have recently upgraded our entire training!  NEW comprehensive trainings manuals with current resources, NEW updated training videos, NEW automated training platform and more importantly, SWEET NEW VIBES!  We take great pride in providing quality trainings for anyone being called to support their perinatal community!

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Supporting The Community

Mamata Yoga is passionate about creating safe spaces for women, birth beings and couples to move through their journey into conception feeling more supported and aware. It is our greatest pride as well as our deepest honour in educating and empowering teachers and birth workers to help support their community with compassionate conception trainings and programs.

Wisdom of Mindfulness

While this chosen path may come with ease to some, 12% of couples globally are challenged with fertility issues, many of which we have faced ourselves. For over a decade, Mamata Yoga has been leading + guiding women and beings through their fertility issues combining the wisdom of mindfulness practices and emotional support through loss and grief to help inspire conception both on and off the mat.

Yoga Teacher Training

We take great pride in this 25 hr specialized yoga teacher training that is thorough, supportive and founded with an abundance of fertility resources, education and research. Whether you are a yoga teacher and/or birth worker in search of a training to support your students/client or perhaps you and your partner are struggling to conceive and you are in search of some healing, this training is for you!

Empower & Inspire

Our Fertility Yoga Training prepares teachers and educators on how to successfully teach mindfulness tools and techniques to empower and inspire their students both on and off the mat. Learn how to offer your support, teach gentle yoga asana, lead a safe and supportive 6 week Conception session + workshops for couples and much more!

Comprehensive Movement Practices

In this yoga teacher training, you will learn and practice foundational elements into your yoga practice.
Yoga for Conception + Fertility

Explore the many ways the practices and philosophy of yoga can help with fertility challenges in our modern society.  

Emotional Healing: How to Cope with Shame, Anxiety, Fear and Grief

The journey into fertility is as much an emotional and mental response as it is physical.  

Conception + The Chakras

Journey through the 7 chakras and the power of our energetic body.  Using ancient wisdom to understand and repair our emotional centres and blockages.  

Trauma: Recover, Reconcile and Rest

Moving through Fertility can be an arduous discovery for many couples.  We need to explore trauma as it relates too fertility in order to move through it.  

The Power of your Cycle

Tap into the power of your cycle and how you can utilize it's potential to increase optimal health and viability during conception.  Connect to the rhythms.  

Enhancing your Nervous System to Support Conception

Learn breathing & vagal nerve techniques to release + relax your body, mind and spirit! 

Yoga Asana to Support a Healthy Conception

Let's yoga!  With over 70 yoga asana postures for Fertility, we learn in-depth modifications, precautions and benefits to enhance conception.   

Mindfulness + Meditation to Enhance Fertility + Awareness

As the soul, so is the seed!  Learn practical and simple meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. 

And so much more....

Training Requirements

  • Complete: 5 LIVE Zoom classes (Live Online Training) or Review all 18 training videos on the training platform (Self-Paced training)
  • Observe:  5 Fertility Yoga Classes - Online or In Studio
  • Written Assignment: Create a Fertility 6 week session to be submitted and reviewed or Record a one hour Fertility Yoga class to be submitted and reviewed
  • Meet with Clare: a 30 minute LIVE Zoom session for review


Upon completing the training requirements, you will be sent a PDF copy of a certificate valid for employment opportunities as well as to obtain insurance. If you are a previous Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher you may use these hours towards your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). Mamata Yoga is a Registered with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP.

Choose Your Format


Live Training

Learn LIVE with your teacher!  


Self-Paced Training 

Move at your own pace!  



If you prefer to learn alongside a group of global teachers or in the virtual presence of your  teacher, this LIVE training is for you!! Meeting for 5 LIVE Zoom classes on Tuesday’s from 9:00 - 1:00 pm MST to discuss the  training topics, ask questions, discuss with other global teachers and practice teaching.  

NEXT LIVE:  Starts: July 12, 2022 Dates: July 12th, 26th, August 2nd, 16th and 30th.  

All classes are recorded and a LINK will be emailed within 24 hours.  

"I spent months looking for the right online training; one where I would feel supported, one that wouldn't rush me as I needed to follow my own schedule. Everything I saw about Mamata Yoga called to my heart from the start, and I could not be more thankful for my time spent studying here with Clare. Upon completing my training, I feel so confident with the body of knowledge I am carrying in my teaching tool bag now. Clare has a clear mastery of the content and teaches it in such an in-depth way while still being beautifully relatable and comprehensible. You can feel all of the thought, love, and intention that went into creating every aspect of this program. Additionally, Clare was so available, helpful, and supportive every step of the way. Her experience, dedication, and passion speaks for itself, and it is so incredibly inspiring."

. . . 

Savanah, Kentucky USA


If you prefer to learn on your own time within the constraints of your own schedule, this self paced training is for you! START TODAY and move through our automated training platform with over 18 training videos, samples classes, guided meditations and bonus material. Download a PDF copy of the comprehensive training manual (251 pages) directly on the site and get learning!

There are no expiry dates to our online 25 HR Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

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  • Access to our automated training site!
  • PDF of comprehensive training manual (251 pages)

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  • 18 Training Lessons (over 20 hours) 

  • Guided Meditation scripts to prepare for Conception!
  • 6 week Fertility Yoga Series class plan!
  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!
  • Ongoing Support from teachers and educators.  



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  • LIVE via Zoom with a Mentor!

  • PDF copy of comprehensive training manual (251 pages)

  • Weekly homework + accountability check-ins!

  • Access to online yoga classes to complete observation hours.

  • Guided Meditation scripts to prepare for Conception!

  • 6 week Fertility Yoga Series class plan!
  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!


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Fertility Training + Pick A Second (SELF PACED)

  • Everything is better in pairs! 

  • Interested in one of our other 25hr Online 'self-paced' trainings?  

  • Choose a second:  Prenatal, Conscious Couples or Postpartum Yoga Trainings!

  • Access to our automated training site (18 lessons each training).

  • PDF of comprehensive training manual.  

  • Ongoing Support from teachers and educators.