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Welcome to our Online 25 hr Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training.  This training prepares yoga teachers, birth workers and educators to teach postpartum students safe yoga asana modifications, breathing techniques to support a healthy recovery while encouraging all to heal from the inside out.  If you're a Yoga Alliance teacher, these hours can be used for Online Continuing Education Units (CEU's).  YES, upon completion you'll receive a Certificate to teach and gain employment! 


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Postnatal Yoga Program

Postnatal Yoga or Mom/Parent & Baby Yoga classes are THE most challenging classes to teach! We’ve often stated that a postnatal yoga instructor is part teacher, part baby wrangler, part baby whisperer and part goddess! You never know what will happen or what to expect, except for a whole lot of cuteness! This postnatal yoga program is for those teachers, educators and birth workers passionate about guiding mothers and parents through yoga during postpartum recovery with babies in the class.  

Rewarding Classes

These classes are incredibly rewarding as you share in the journey of growth and development with each baby and each mother/parent. Skill and understanding of baby’s development, as well as the healing journey for mothers/parents, is the key to teaching postnatal yoga. Understanding the hormonal changes, their emotional well-being and offering support and kindness are some of the main focuses of teaching a successful postnatal class.

Recovery Training

With this online postnatal yoga training, you will learn much about the recovering mother/parents physical Self whether they had a vaginal or cesarian birth and how to interact with babies. Understand the anatomical and physiological changes and how to appropriately teach poses with specific modifications while mothers heal and babies grow.

Comprehensive Program

Our Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training program is taught with over 20 hours of instructional recordings and 5 hours of assignments completed through the manual and workbook provided, this comprehensive program aims to ensure quality and knowledgeable instruction, interactive discussions and consistent mentorship. Come and join our team of global teachers and help build your postpartum community!

Comprehensive Movement Practices

In this yoga teacher training, you will learn and practice foundational elements into your yoga practice.
The Anatomy of the Breath During Postpartum Recovery

The breath is the foundation to every practice.  Learn how to release tension in the neck and shoulder and create breathing patterns that won't restrict the diaphragm.

The Nervous System: Vagal Awareness to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

New parents live in their sympathetic tone with high levels of cortisol.  Journey into the nervous system to help students reduce postpartum anxiety and stress.

Postpartum Recovery Expectations and Recommendations After Baby

Healing from the inside out is imperative in postpartum recovery!  Learn simple, concise and effective recovery techniques!

Hormonal Changes During Postpartum

The postpartum cocktail of hormones during postpartum can effect muscles and tissues leaving many mothers and parents with poor cone and contraction.  Find out which ones and what to do!

Ancient Wisdom to Connect to Baby

We can't run a yoga teacher training and not discuss healing sounds and mantras!  Our training is unique as we have a list of Yoga inspired Lullaby' to sing in class and to make babies happy!

Ayurvedic Healing During the First 40 Days and Beyond

The first 40 days of postpartum will set the future tone for postpartum health for parents and the baby.  Learn how dosha's are affected during postpartum. 

Yoga Asana Alignment Principles, Cues, Modifications and Benefits

Wether you're teaching Mom/Parent + Baby classes or Postpartum classes, we discuss in detail over 50 yoga asana poses and how to modify for all birthing experiences.  

Baby Yoga + Massage

That's right!! Baby's need stretching too, especially within the first few months!  Move through a fun Baby Yoga and massage sequence to help calm and soothe the baby's digestive system and to lean how to relax and release!

And so much more....

Training Requirements

  • Complete: Review all 18 training videos on the training platform (Self-Paced training) or 5 LIVE Zoom classes (Live Online Training) 
  • Observe: 5 Postnatal Yoga Classes - Online or In Studio
  • Record: a one hour Postnatal Yoga class to be submitted and reviewed
  • Meet with Clare: a 30 minute LIVE Zoom session for review


Upon completing the training requirements, you will be sent a PDF copy of a certificate valid for employment opportunities as well as to obtain insurance. If you are a previous Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher you may use these hours towards your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). Mamata Yoga is a Registered with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP.

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Self-Paced Training 

Move at your own pace from the comforts of your own home!  Learn through our automated training system and      START TODAY!


Live Zoom Training

               Learn LIVE with your teacher and group of global                                             teachers each week over Zoom!                                      All session are recorded!    


"I recently completed Mamata's Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, and was very happy with the whole process. I completed my prenatal yoga training with a local company in person, and I can say that I feel as prepared to be a postnatal yoga teacher from Clare’s online support as I did from an in-person class; the online format is a great alternative and much more flexible. Clare has years of experience and loads of yoga wisdom to pass on to each of her students—you will be a better yoga teacher after taking her training! The manual is very helpful to follow along with the online lectures, and the assignments were fitting to advance my postnatal yoga knowledgebase. Highly recommend!"

. . . 

Jennie K, Wyoming, USA


If you prefer to learn on your own time within the constraints of your own schedule, this self paced training is for you! START TODAY and move through our automated training platform with over 18 training videos, samples classes, guided meditations and bonus material. Download a PDF copy of the comprehensive training manual (239 pages) directly on the site and get learning!

There are no expiry dates to our online 25 HR Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. 


Live Zoom Training

If you prefer to learn alongside a group of global teachers or in the virtual presence of your  teacher, this LIVE training is for you!! Meeting for 5 LIVE Zoom classes on Saturday from 8:00 - 12:00 pm MST to discuss the training topics, ask questions, discuss with other global teachers and practice teaching.  

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  • Starts: January 28th, 2023!
  • Saturdays: January 28th, February 11th, February 25th, March 11th and March 25th, 2023

All classes are recorded and a LINK will be emailed within 24 hours.  










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  • Access to our automated training site!

  • PDF of comprehensive training manual (250 pages)

  • Online yoga classes to complete observation!

  • 18 Training Lessons (over 20 hours)

  • Postpartum Yoga class sequence!

  • Guided Meditation scripts for healing + recovery!

  • 6 week Postpartum Yoga series class plan!

  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!

  • Ongoing support from teachers and educators.



$555 USD

LIVE with Mentor!

  • LIVE via Zoom with Clare Newman, Program Director!

  • PDF copy of comprehensive training manual (250 pages) 

  • Weekly homework + accountability check-ins!

  • Access to online yoga classes to complete observation hours!

  • Guided Meditation scripts for healing + recovery. 

  • 6 week Postpartum Yoga series class plan!

  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!

  • 2 - 30 minute private training sessions with Clare Newman.  



$599 USD

Prenatal + Postnatal Training (SELF PACED)

  • Your Prenatal students become your Postpartum students!

  • Access to Online 25 hr Prenatal + 25 hr Postpartum Trainings!

  • Access to our automated training site (18 lessons each training).

  • PDF of comprehensive training manuals!

  • Guided Meditations scripts for healing + recovery!

  • Class plans to successfully run a Prenatal + Postnatal yoga 6 week series!

  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!