Finding Central Stability: You, Your Core and Your Spine

Heidi Mason

Launching New Year 2018!

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Your central stability “core” is what allows you to access, align and control the centre of your physical being; to become grounded from the core of who you are and radiate out to the external world with strength, flexibility, control, adaptability, resilience and least effort.
The word “core” means so many different things to different people. Unfortunately, all too often, well intentioned attempts to strengthen our “core” can lead to “constipated rigidity” rather than central stability creating issues with the breath, the spine and integrity of the pelvic floor. More and more pelvic health professionals are finding degrees of pelvic organ prolapse in postpartum women and in women never having had children. Could the way we’re teaching and cueing “the core” in yoga be contributing to these issues and how can we ensure that a yoga practice supports rather than compromises healthy central stability.
Join Heidi Mason, Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher to explore and clarify some important concepts surrounding the “core” as so much more than abdominal strength but as a dynamic 3 dimensional system working (or perhaps not working) at the spine, pelvis and centre of our being to create functional stability and mobility.

Topics of Discussion:

  • What does the “core” have to do with the breath?
  • Could downtraining/letting go of the core be as important as contracting it?
  • What is “neutral spine” and what does it have to do with central stability?
  • How do we access our central stability and then know it’s working properly?
  • As yoga teachers, how do we cue the core? Do we have to cue it and how do we know if students are “getting it” safely?
  • Why is awareness of the mind, body and breath pivotal.


Leave this Master Class with an empowering set of “core” guidelines, a checklist based on self-awareness, designed for you and your students to self-assess during any asana or exercise to optimize safe performance.  It’s time to evolve past “one size fits all” cueing in hopes of the “right” contractions. Gain an appreciation for the important role yoga can play in connecting people to their own unique inner strength and stability.

$35.00 USD

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