Mindful Meditation for Mothers

Heidi Mason

Launching New Year 2018!

$35.00 USD


Motherhood is stressful!! As mothers our lives are filled with so many beautiful things and yet even those beautiful things can become stressful at times. Being constantly busy, on the run, organizing ourselves and our families and operating within societal and self imposed expectations can all take a toll on our bodies, minds and overall well-being. Whether we think we do or do not, we ALL need a break. Supermom or not, we were not created to be “on” all the time. Under the right conditions we are all designed to thrive provided we get time to rest, restore and heal and we can get this down time with meditation. Meditation can give anyone a much needed break simply to reconnect with our inner-self, re-energize and return to our full lives with an open heart and renewed sense of gratitude and calm.

Join Heidi Mason, Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher for a lively and passionate exploration of what stress is, how it can affect us and how meditation can help. The science and growing evidence in favour of meditation as a tool to manage stress, anxiety, pain, depression, lower blood pressure, bring balance to our lives and improve our physical, mental and emotional health is undeniable.
Explore what meditation is, how we “do” it and gain practical suggestions for integrating time in stillness and silence into a busy schedule. Discover how spending even 5 minutes a day in stillness can add some much needed peace to our busy lives.
This will be an invaluable Master Class for moms, yoga teachers, educators and basically, all human beings.

$35.00 USD

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