85 hr Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga


Yoga Alliance 85 hr Prenatal / Postnatal YTT

This comprehensive 85 hour teacher training program is certified with the interntational governing body of Yoga Alliance. We’ve chosen to design our course over 3 weekends offering 3 core modules, covering pregnancy, labour & delivery and postpartum.

Mamata Yoga beleive’s that we are stronger as a community! Throughout our trainings we invite various experts in their fields to share their experiences and knowledge with the group. Spiritual midwifery, reiki in pregnancy, ayurveda consultants, acupuncturist, reflexologist and thai yoga massage for pregnancy to name a few. Healing modailites that allow mother’s to grow and open during pregnancy and to prepare wholeheartedly for the journey into motherhood.

Teaching prenatal yoga asana is the easy part, it’s fostering a loving, non-judgemental enviroment and encouaging women to find their inner strength while tapping into their innate wisdon that is our most important role as a teacher.

Module 1 – Yoga and the Modern Mother

  • The benefits and precautions of Yoga during pregnancy.
  • The physiology and anatomy changes in pregnancy for each trimester.
  • The effects of pregnancy on the body.
  • Physical and emotional changes within pregnancy.
  • High risk pregnancy conditions.
  • Asana to support a healthy pregnancy.
  • Asana class sequence plan for each trimester.
  • Discomforts of pregnancy and how to modify using yoga asana.
  • Reiki during pregnancy.
  • Ayurveda remedies in Pregnancy.
  • Safe end effective Essential Oils in Fertility and Pregnancy.

Module 2 – Birthing and Ancient Philosophy

  • Partner Pre-Natal yoga – a focus on partner asana and a mindful connection!
  • Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage
  • The stages of labour and delivery.
  • Mediation and pranayama during pregnancy and birth.
  • Mantras for a more focused and relaxed birth.
  • Balancing chakras within pregnancy.
  • Restorative Yoga in Pregnancy.
  • How to modify asana using props for specific injuries and ailments.
  • Use of language, tone, voice and gentle touch in Pre-Natal yoga classes.
  • Safe and effective Essential oils during labour & delivery.

Module 3 – Healing and Connecting

  • Post-Natal healing and recovery. The first 6 weeks of motherhood.
  • Yoga asana to support a healthy recovery.
  • Incorporating the 8 limbed path for modern motherhood.
  • Emotional support through the postpartum stage and how to cope using pranayama, meditation and mantras.
  • Anatomy of the pelvic floor.
  • Pelvic floor exercises and recovery.
  • Baby Yoga Asana.
  • Asana class sequences for Mom & Baby yoga classes!
  • Safe and effective Essential Oils for postpartum healing and babies!

Upon completion of this program, the trainees will be registered and certified as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) through the Yoga Alliance. Some requirements are needed to apply.

Please Contact Us for more detailed information.

I absolutely adored Clare from the moment I met her. She has a powerful, loving energy and is passionate about educating and empowering women through such a vital time in their lives. I was lucky enough to complete my 85 hour YTT while I was pregnant and without a doubt Clare not only prepared me to teach pre and postnatal yoga, she prepared me to be in my pregnant body and to birth in a way that I felt more knowledgeable, empowered and informed about. The education I received from this course was second to none - in fact, when I did my birthing classes I could not believe how much I already knew purely from the education I had received over 3 weekends in Mamata Yoga training. And then having Clare share herself and her heart each and every day in our classes made her teachings so much more relevant and real which was just icing on the cake. Clare is so, so intelligent, hilarious, caring beyond belief, has a wealth of experience to teach from, and is willing to put her heart on a platter for her students. This to me, is the perfect role-modeling for becoming a teacher of our pre and postnatal population. There needs to be more of this love, this honesty, this education, and this energy for women in this phase of their lives and Clare exemplifies this throughout her trainings while providing a truly wonderful education, and provides outstanding resources. The required assignments, readings and her extra, optional recommendations of books, documentaries and practices for women's health were extremely relevant and wonderfully complemented the course.

I went to this training to further my own education and connect more deeply into my own practice but I left the training as a truly passionate advocate for women's health, choices, and unique journeys through what is most-likely the most significant life-changing time they will ever experience. I honestly couldn't be more grateful for this training, for Clare and for the lifelong education I have received from Mamata Yoga.

So much love for this journey, and so much gratitude for this training.

Kira LawrenceLethbridge, Alberta, Canada

I recently completed Mamata Yoga’s 85 hour Pre & Post Natal Yoga teacher training with Clare and it was amazing! Clare has a wealth of knowledge and shares it in a way that keeps you engaged throughout all of the modules. Her sense of humour keeps it real and allows you to feel comfortable to ask questions without hesitation. Her manual is extremely well done and very informative. I refer back to it often as I plan and teach my prenatal classes. The knowledge I gained from this training has given me the confidence I needed to teach prenatal yoga classes in my own community. To be able to share what I have learned with others is exciting.
I highly recommend taking this training if you teach yoga or work with prenatal mamas.

Marcelle ValléeBonnyville, Alberta


Calgary, AB

Feb 28th – Mar 1st
Mar 27th – 29th
April 24th – 26th

Yoga Alliance 85 hr Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Program (all 3 modules).

Cost: $1,050.00 CDN + GST *

Full tuition


Winnipeg, MB

March 6th – 8th

25 hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification (module #1)

Cost: $400.00 CDN + GST *

Full tuition


Toronto, ON

April 2nd – 5th

(Module #1 + #2)

June 4th – 7th

(Module #2 + #3)

Yoga Alliance Certified 85 hr Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Program

Cost: $1,050.00 CDN + Ontario Taxes

Full tuition


Golden, BC

May 1st – 9th
(85 hr YTT – 7 day intensive Retreat training)

Cost: $1,900.00 CDN + BC taxes

(includes 3 daily meals + shared accommodations)

Early Bird Pricing until March 1st, 2020

Full tuition


Montreal, QC

May 29th – 31st

25 hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification (module #1)

Cost: $400.00 CDN + GST *

Full tuition


Halifax, NS

June 19th – 21st

25 hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification (module #1)

Cost: $400.00 CDN + GST *

Full tuition


Victoria, BC

September 11th – 13th

25 hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification (module #1)

Cost: $400.00 CDN + BC taxes

Full tuition


Edmonton, AB

Sept 25th – 27th
Oct – 23rd – 25th
Nov – 20th – 22nd

Yoga Alliance Certified 85 hr Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Program
(all 3 modules).

Full tuition

Individual Modules

Cannot attend the full 85 hr training? Are you interested in attending either of the 3 – 25 hr modules? Inquire at info@mamatayoga.com to register per module.

Cost per module $400.00 CDN • GST

Includes training manual.
The anatomy text can be purchased for an additional $30.00CDN


What are the prerequisites for the program?

In order to received the RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) certification through the Yoga Alliance you must be registered or enrolled in a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) program.

If you are not currently registered through the Yoga Alliance or do not have a designated 200 hr Teacher Training certification you can apply for certification in the future once you’ve completed such.

If you’re looking to deepen your own practice or interested in looking for other modalities to teach your clients, you’ll still receive a certificate stating your completion of the 85 hours.

If I'm not a current or professional yoga teacher, am I still able to teach and receive insurance based on this training?

YES! Upon completion of the 85 hours, you’ll receive a certification stating you’ve completed the course under my guidance and that of the reputable and registered school of Mamata Yoga. With the certificate, you’ll be eligible to receive liability insurance. Until you complete a 200 hour RYT course you will not be registered with Yoga Alliance.

If I take a 200 RYT program in the future, will I be accredited for the prenatal training at that time?

YES! Once you’ve received your 200 hour certificate, you can upload both of the certificates. Once you’ve done so you’ll hold a 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) and RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) designation.

If I cannot attend all three weekends at once, can I make-up a missed module at another time?

YES! The modules remain the same throughout all the trainings. If you cannot make one weekend, you can make-up the module at another time or in another city. It’s recommended that you always complete Module #1 before the other two as the focus on Pregnancy and Anatomy is covered during the first weekend.

Please check the Course Description for more information about each specific module!

Do you offer a flexible payment plan?

We support and recognize the need to fulfill other obligations and training programs to will work towards a flexible payment program based on one’s’ financial needs. The entire tuition course is $1,050 + GST and can be broken into three equal payments during the program. Inquire at info@mamatayoga.com for a more specific and personal payment plan.

Are there any other requirements for the program?

The program is divided into 70 hours of hand on training with Clare Newman (Program Director). The other 15 hours to complete the 85 hour total is made of practicum classes and observation. Trainees must attend prenatal or postnatal classes for observation. Please contact info@mamatayoga.com for classes offered in your area.

These classes can be completed at any time, before or after the training commences. Once completed and the worksheets handed in, the trainee will receive the final seal for the certificate!

As one of the previous trainees called it, “the golden seal of love”.

How do I register?

These trainings have a maximum acceptance of 15 trainees and usually fill quickly. To secure and guarantee your spot, all you need to do is pay the deposit of $250.00 + GST. The remaining amount of $840.00 owing will be due upon commencement of the course.

You can request a registration form at info@mamatayoga.com.

What if the program is cancelled? Will I receive a refund?

If the program has been cancelled due to low enrolment and/or cancellation on Mamata Yoga’s behalf, than a full tuition reimbursement will be returned. This process may take a few business days upon confirmation.

If a trainee who paid the deposit can no longer attend the course, the deposit will be held and put towards the program in the future. The deposit is non-refundable. If the trainee paid for the course in full, the remainder amount (total – deposit) will be returned.

If you are thinking about Pre-natal Yoga classes, here are some things to think about. These gentle classes are designed to support the anatomical changes and to find comfort in the physical changes that pregnancy bestows on new mothers. Yoga asana or poses that focus on hip opening stretches, stamina strengthening standing poses to help prepare for labour and delivery, shoulder opening stretches to help prepare for motherhood mixed with gentle and guided breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation is the key focus in pre-natal yoga.


Refunds for both the 85 hr course and online course are only offered should the course be cancelled by Mamata Yoga. Refunds and the non-fundable deposits are not returned if the trainee discontinuous with the program.

A word from Clare...

Refunds for both the 85 hr course and online course are only offered should the course be cancelled by Mamata Yoga. Refunds and the non-fundable deposits are not returned if the trainee discontinuous with the program.

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