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When a couple discovers “they’re pregnant,” it’s a momentous occasion to rejoice in the thought of becoming parents and celebrate with a pure sense of happiness and joy. It is also quite natural, amid all the excitement and anticipation, to experience fleeting moments racked by fear of the unknown, and genuine trepidation – anxiety, apprehension, panic, shock, fright and neuroses – about the drastic changes ahead.

The focus almost instantly shifts to the mother, however, as physical changes in her body positively indicate fetal development and growth. Spouses need not feel ignored or marginalized during this pivotal transformational stage. Although they are not directly related to the internal development of their child as the mother progresses in her pregnancy, a supportive and involved spouse can have a very positive and intrinsic e ect on the earliest emotional development, awareness and well-being of their baby.

It’s important to understand that both parents experience similar emotional insecurities while awaiting and preparing for the baby’s arrival. Hormonal changes in an expectant mother throughout pregnancy, although gradual, may have a huge impact on her self-esteem, emotional self regulation and levels of libido, and these changes will most a ect the dynamics between the couple.
A couple can use their pregnancy as a catalyst to enhance and deepen their connections – not only between mother and baby, and father and baby, but between mother and father – in ways that will benefit all members of the new emerging family.

Conscious listening is also a key principle and practice for addressing each other’s needs, solving conflict and nurturing a positive union. Often, when one person is sharing a concern, their mate feels the need to “ fix” the problem, rather than simply listening. The need to be heard is usually the reason for the discussion, not necessarily to solicit advice or seek resolution. The art of listening is challenging, and whether or not each spouse understand or even agrees with one another on a certain matter, it is incredibly important to be alert and attentive as they express themselves before the arrival of their baby.

Our Conscious Couples Yoga Teacher Training program can be completed at your own pace. With 15 hours of instructional recordings and 10 hours of assignments completed through the manual and workbook provided, this comprehensive and this comprehensive program aims to connect labouring partners before their bountiful birth.

The intention behind this unique training is to globally increase the mindfulness of how we treat our partners but also how couples move through the transition of parenthood feeling loved and supportive despite the drastic changes. Throughout the week complete a number of assignments, interviews, readings and creative arts within your own busy schedule or download the recordings for review now and in the future. Mamata Yoga strongly believes in the mentorship of our trainees so guidance is constant, whether the support be from our interactive classroom where questions are posted and answered or through our 1 hour private session with Clare Newman offered throughout the program.

We strive to maintain the integrity of our program to ensure an abundance of instruction we advise completing the program within 6 months. Please contact with any questions regarding your interest in joining our online training.

Course Outline

The Birthing Journey

  • Creating a Powerful Partner Bond.
  • Meditation to prepare for a Conscious Birth
  • Pranayama to assist with contractions.
  • Mantras and Mudras during Birth.
  • Creatively Connecting to your birth with your partner.

Prenatal Partner Yoga Asana

  • Prenatal Partner Yoga Asana to connect partners.
  • Prenatal poses to support a calming and healthy delivery.
  • Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage techniques for partners.

Labour & Birth

  • An Anatomical Perspective.
  • Movements within the bony pelvis during birth.
  • Alternating Birthing positions.
  • Reframing Pain in Labour and Birth.

Spiritual Birthing

  • Stages of Labour and Delivery.
  • Ayurveda during Labour and Delivery.
  • Connecting to Change.
  • Releasing into the unknown.
  • 5 Sheaths and Yoga Birthing.

Birthing into Parenthood

  • Soul to Soul: Journeying as a Family
  • Nourishing Mother & Baby
  • Father Fundamentals
  • Healing the Child

All trainees must teach and record a 1 hour prenatal yoga class and submit it to Mamata Yoga before receiving their final certificate of completion! This can be submitted at any time.

Course Materials

  • Mamata Yoga Conscious Coupling Teacher Training Manual and Workbook.
  • 2 – 30 minute private online mentoring sessions with Clare Newman.
  • Certification of Completion – 25 hours.
  • The 25 hours may be used towards Yoga Alliance CEU’s, non-contact hours.

Upon completion of this program, the trainees will be certified through Mamata Yoga under the guidance of Clare Newman and qualified to teach Conscious Couples and Prenatal Partner Yoga.

Conscious Couples Yoga Teacher Training

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"Sweet Clare; teaches from the heart and she has the natural ability to create a safe space that allows students to share openly. Clare provided a comprehensive learning experience that included so much information, including learning the beauty of Sanskrit, the movement within the yoga postures, how to create kindness through modifications, the art of using props. I also gained ability to practically apply these skills by teaching others and I was always provided the space for introspection.

I learned so much from my training with Clare and with her kind, open teaching style, I have grown both personally and professionally. Through this growth, have developed into an accomplished yoga teacher."

Raeleign Van PettenEdmonton, Canada

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Conscious Couples

$500 USD

$199 USD Covid Relief

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What are the pre-requisites for the online Conscious Couples yoga teacher training?

The pre-requisites for the online yoga teacher trainings is only that you must be passionate and inspired to create a community of likeminded couples who want to help support and guide other partners safely through the practice of yoga. We only ask that you are dedicated and feel compelled to answer this very sacred call.

Do I need to have previous knowledge and training in yoga before I can take the conscious couples yoga teacher training?

Much of the course and the postures are referred to in Sanskrit and English terminology. It’s certainly recommended to have a previous practice of the asana or postures as the course content will flow with more ease and understanding and be able to assimilate the information more quickly.

However, all of the trainings with Mamata Yoga are chalked full of research, information and guidance for even the most novice of teachers to follow along and teach with confidence.

Will I be eligible and certified to teach the Conscious Couples program once I’ve completed the online yoga teacher training?

Yes, once all the requirements have been met and the practicum classes have been observed, trainees will receive a certificate to obtain liability insurance as well as employment.  The course content is an amazing addition to the prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training because you can offer workshops for Couples to help them move through Labour & Delivery together.  As a internationally recognized and certified school, the certificate will state you have completed the program under the guidance of Clare Newman with Mamata Yoga.

Is the course content the same for both the online prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher training and the 85 hr prenatal yoga teacher training?

The prenatal yoga teacher training content is the same for the online training and the 85 hour training.  The postnatal training and the conscious couples training are not included in the 85 hr trainings but are eligible for enrolment online.

Can I take the course while I’m pregnant and is it safe?

Yes and Yes!! In fact, this program is more of a personal journey for teachers who are pregnant and wanting to connect with their partners on a profound level! What a gift to be able to learn all these amazing tools while experiencing your own journey as well as with your partner.

What is the intention of the Conscious Couples Program?

The design of this program came out of Clare’s successful Partner Yoga Workshops she would run while teaching prenatal classes. Partners would enrol in the 2.5 hour workshop to learn partner yoga, thai yoga massage and to find a connection to one another before the impending birth. The knowledge couples received from this brief training was abundant and so it was decided there needed to be more information available for partners to connect on this journey together! It’s a unique program and oh, so fun!

What is the pace of the course and demands on time?

All of our online trainings are ‘work at your own pace’. We understand completely the demands and importance of family, tending to small children while juggling work and day-to-day demands. The online yoga teacher training courses allow you to work at your own pace by reviewing the videos and moving through the course manual and workbook at your own time (if you’re anything like us, it’s usually at night when all the kids are asleep).

Refund Policy

We do not offer funds for our online courses because we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into creating the course content and videos. Once you’ve had access to these files, as in all information, it holds value. Should you have a health concern and are otherwise unable to complete the program, please contact to discuss the option of a refund!

A word from Clare...

As in all yoga teacher trainings and embarking on your teaching journey. Dedication, passion and hard work is the key to creating a successful yoga business and ensuring students continue to enroll in your classes. When you are dedicated to your students’ needs, express empathy and compassion when you teach, further your education in your area of passion and teach from the heart, your students will always be there smiling and embracing your guidance. There is no set path, just follow your heart.

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