Online Mentorship

We are stronger as a community

is something that I’ve been saying for years and I truly mean it.

To be held and supported by a community of peers, teachers and friends helps to grow and inspire each and every one of us on a teaching path.

My Journey

When I started my first practice of yoga 22 years ago, I would huddle in the outdated, dark and often time mysterious basement of my first teacher with 8 other women. The space was old and quaint but the walls were filled with an abundance of knowledge. We would spend hours going over alignment principles of a posture or two and share what we had been learning from within our community or with others travels to India.

I’m so grateful for this group of ladies and their continuous support of my teaching over the years, it’s made me the teacher that I am today. I’ve been leading and guiding yoga teacher trainings since 2007 and I continue to do so because with each new group of teachers and each new class, I continue to deepen my own teachings as well as my own lessons.

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The Online Mentorship

My mentorship program is offered monthly, both in person if you live nearby or online. Here are the details of how you can work with me privately and how I might be able to help you succeed in your teaching presence but also help to grow your business.

pay as you go

$125 USD

per hour

Your Monthly plan Mentorship Includes:

  • 60 minute Skype or Zoom Private Session to mentor area of need.

Mentorship Program

$600 USD

for 6 weeks

The Mentorship Program Includes:

  • 1 hr per week (or 2 – 30 minute) Skype or Zoom Private Session (max 5 hours).
  • Specified weekly homework and accountability assignments.
  • Class sequencing and video review of 1 hr class taught by you followed by feedback and suggestions.

FREE Consultation

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The Mindful Mess Podcast

An audio journey of shared stories with other inspirational women in my community who are trying to find a balance between Motherhood, Spirituality and Business.