Postpartum Corrective Training!

For all mothers, birth workers, beings and teachers!

Building a strong foundation from the inside-out!


The fourth trimester.  What would you tell your pregnant Self about postpartum recovery?

My reminder to new mothers and beings during postpartum recovery is to ensure, when they feel ‘ready’ – is to build a healthy foundation first!

Postpartum isn’t a time to rush into movement or high impact exercises – this is a time for patience and self-compassion.  We need to honour the the new changes in our structure and to learn techniques to heal from the inside – out for a healthy ‘long term’ recovery.

Live Online

Program details

  • Myofascial Movement:  Finding more range from feeding!
  • Understanding your pelvic floor
  • Anatomy of the Breath:  The Power of the Exhale!
  • Diastasis + Functional ‘Core’ Rehab
  • Postpartum Resistance Training!
  • Finding Symmetry in the PEvis!
  • Biotensegrity and the Postpartum Balance!

Join Us!

Join Program Director of Mamata Yoga Clare Newman for this educational training that teaches YOU to be more ‘self-aware’ during more active movement, to foster a deeper mind-body connection and to heal more effectively and efficiently after baby!  Clare has been leading, educating and guiding Perinatal Health & Wellness for over 16 years!

Program Requirements

LIVE Online Corrective Postpartum Training starts October 6th, 2021

  • 5 LIVE Zoom Classes (all sessions recored).
  • Wednesdays:  October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and November 3rd, 2021
  • 20 hours of ‘in-person’ learning via Zoom with Clare Newman!
  • A PDF copy of Postpartum Corrective handouts will be emailed.
  • YACEP Accredited for Yoga Teacher and upon completion a certificate will be issued!

Early Bird Pricing ends September 1st

Zoom chats

Mamata Yoga is elated to be offering this uniques 20 hour Postpartum Corrective Training for those that are looking for more education on how to heal from the inside – out!

Our unique and reputable training will be offered over 5 Wedenday’s from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm MST (Mountain Standard Time)!  Join Clare Newman, your program facilitator to discussing anatomical education on the postpartum body, how to repair and strengthen tissues that has been compromised after pregnancy and birth with practical exercises and techniques and weekly guidance.

These interactive mentoring classes allow mothers, parents and teachers to ask questions during the LIVE training and build community with like-minded individuals who are recovering in postpartum!

Learn techniques and movement to incorporate into your existing classes and feel more confident and knowledgable not just in your own body but to encourage and empower others as well!

Zoom Class #1 – The Present Moment

Saturday:  October 6th
  • Self – assessment 
    • Diastasis
    • Pelvic Floor Function
    • Movement & Mobility

Zoom Class #2 -Postpartum Anatomy & Physiology

Saturday:  October 13th
  • The Power of the Pelvic Bowl
  • The Anatomy of the Breath:  Yoga Pranayama
  • Diastasis Recti 

Zoom Class #3 – Diastasis + The Core

Saturday, October 20th
  • What is Diastasis?
  • What is the ‘core’ and how to recruit the muscles?
  • How to properly engage the ‘core’ muscles
  • The difference between the abdominal muscles + the core muscles. 
  • Postpartum Core Class

Zoom Class #4 – The Pelvis + The Pelvic Diaphragm

Saturday:  October 27th
  • Adding load and weights to movement
  • Finding symmetry within the pelvis after birth
  • How to support a prolapse
  • Pelvic Floor class

Zoom Class #5 -The Postpartum Balance

Saturday:  November 3rd
  • Biotensegrity and the pelvis
  • Mobility and Movement
  • Myofascial class using Yoga Tune Ups! 

*Join us either LIVE via Zoom chats  or watch the recording!  ALL classes are recorded in case you miss a class!

What you’ll need

Props you’ll need each class!

  • Yoga or exercise mat
  • Small weights (2lb, 3lb or 5lb)
  • Resistance bands
  • Yoga bolsters, blocks and strap
  • Yoga Tune up or Myofascial balls (softer, no tennis or lacrosse ball).
  • Recommended to purchase the Roll Model Starter Kit HERE

You can complete all of these requirements while practicing social distancing! Start today and move at your own pace while interacting with other international teachers!

We’re stronger as a community.

Postpartum Corrective Training!

LIVE Online – From our home to yours!

$500 $325 USD

Early Bird Discount ends:  September 15th

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