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Mamata Yoga takes great pride in offering credited and valuable information to mothers during pregnancy, labour and the postpartum stages. Our belief ‘We’re stronger as a Community’ builds upon the integration of supporting and sharing knowledge to help the collective consciousness of mothers and women as a whole.

Our Master Classes are designed with the intention to help educate mothers with honest information that is either being looked over or not being shared in our community. Gathering experts in their professional and respected fields to empower women to make informed decisions that will encourage growth, courage and the ability to be content with one’s’ decision making process given varied spectrum of shared ideas.

Join our panel of experts from the birthing world, to the yoga industry to the medical community. During each Master Class, choose a topic of interest, download the recording and watch on your own time. We’ve separated the Master Classes in into Pregnancy, Labour & Delivery and Postpartum fields to best educate mothers throughout their entire journey into motherhood. Our experts are educated and knowledgeable in their field and are passionate about the work they carry forward to help enlighten mothers along this choose and intended path. Mamata Yoga is thrilled to offer these Master Classes for all women who are expecting and eager to learn something outside of themselves and to connect to the highest potential.

Please email for more detailed information or click the links to register below.

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