Conscious Couples Online Yoga Teacher Training

BY Clare Newman | July 13, 2018

The Sanskrit word Mamata means “mother’s love” or “affection” in English, which is beautifully symbolic of all our teacher training programs as we build a community of love and support. The intention behind this courses is to unite and create a dynamic group of professional yoga teachers, mothers, nurses, doulas and midwives who are passionate about creating a mindful connection between mother and baby during the process of postpartum.

The journey into parenthood for both the mother and the father is an the greatest opportunity to fully understand ones Self, to transform into deeper healing and meaning and to acknowledge that the momentous birth is a rite of passage. During this online course you will learn how to create a conscious couples workshop to help foster a connection for couples or labouring partners to deepen their awareness and existence of co-creation using prenatal partner yoga asana, Thai yoga massage and couples reiki. Learn the stages of labour & delivery and the soul to soul connection after the birth. This information will provide you the confidence and knowledge to lead couples through a Conscious Couples Yoga workshop and/or retreat.