Reframe Pain: Breath, Body and Mind

Heidi Mason

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$35.00 USD


Pain is a very real and very important issue. We have all experienced pain and likely know someone who suffers with persistent pain and may ourselves experience pain on a regular basis. Nearly 1/3 of North Americans live with pain on a daily basis. 2/3rds of pregnant women will experience pelvic pain by their third trimester and 20% of these women will go on to experience chronic pain following birth. Pain is a complex mind, body, spirit experience and if we are teaching yoga, working with those in pain or suffer from pain ourselves, a deeper understanding of what pain is, its purpose and how yoga could help is necessary and invaluable.

During this webinar, Heidi Mason, Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher, will introduce some of the large misconceptions related to pain and explore how various aspects of a yoga practice can help those with chronic pain.

Topics of Discussion:

  • What is pain and why do we experience it?
  • What is the difference between acute and chronic pain?
  • How does the nervous system produces pain?
  • What happens to us when pain persists?- a hypersensitive system.
  • What is neuroplasticity and how can we change chronic pain?
  • How can yoga help calm the system? – awareness and control of the breath, body and mind; a mind-body-spirit approach for a mind-body-spirit experience.

Pain is an experience unique to each individual and our beliefs about pain have a significant impact on the experience. Unfortunately there tends to be a disconnect between what we believe and “know to be true” about pain and what pain science has discovered over the last decade. Research shows that even many healthcare professionals have an unclear understanding of this modern pain science.

Research has also shown us that simply learning about this modern pain science can improve the experience of pain!! So don’t miss out on this very important discussion to reframe your understanding and experience of pain.

$35.00 USD