The Art of Sequencing Workshop

If you struggle with sequencing a yoga class then let me help you! There is an art to sequencing a sensational yoga class which involves understanding the energetics of anatomy and awareness.  

I won't just teach you how to sequence, I'll teach you how to evolve the way you move your students. 

What you'll get!

  • Unlimited access to this workshop on your Dashboard to review anytime! 
  • PDF Download to Sequence like a PRO! 
  • The Energetics of Sequencing!
  • Download into your phone - Sensational Sequencing in 5 Simple Steps!  
  • Sequencing Skills for ALL styles of classes!  Tips + Tricks!
  • Do the Hips Align?  Quick Tutorial video to master sequencing Alignment!  
  • Divine Supine Class video for observation and sequencing ideas! 

[This workshop has 2 hours and 45 minutes in total length worth of amazing video sequencing content]

$33.00 USD