Prenatal / Postnatal Certification (RPYT) Yoga Alliance

BY Clare Newman | November 18, 2014

Mamata Courses! Why take this course?

As a teacher, do you ever feel nervous when an expectant mother attends your classes? Unsure as to how to modify poses for each trimester or which poses are safe and most effective to aid with the physical discomforts of pregnancy? Whether you’ve had experience with your own pregnancy or not, learn  to teach with  confidence. Mamata Yoga Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training combines the knowledge of birth coaching from a doula perspective, motherhood and a love for yoga.

Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes are the most sought after specialized yoga classes being offered in studio today!  Students and studio’s are seeking out experienced and certified teachers to ensure proper safety. Mamata Yoga prides its’ training on thorough knowledge on the anatomical changes within pregnancy and the alignment principles in asana to suit all trimesters.

We have one of the most creditable anatomy teachers who’s experience as a physiotherapist and a yoga teacher; Heidi Mason has a vast knowledge on pelvic floor healing and combines her love of yoga and anatomy training with ease.

Choose to either register for the full 85 hour course or register for individual modules!

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