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Welcome Mama!

Whether you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby or recovering from childbirth, incorporating yoga into your daily life can be a great way to relax, connect with your baby, stay fit, improve sleep, relieve pain + tension and so much more.

After a decade of training and certifying yoga + fitness instructors internationally over at Mamata Yoga Academy, we’ve had thousands of requests from mothers to offer safe and educational prenatal + postnatal yoga classes online.

In response to this need, we created the Mamata Yoga’s virtual perinatal studio, where every month, you’ll find new classes with different themes and intentions to help aid in physical discomfort during pregnancy, anatomical labour + delivery techniques and safe healing practices during postpartum.

Mama, we have you covered from pregnancy – to labour – to birth – to postpartum and everything in-between! And there is no need to go over to your nearest studio either! Let us come to you, to the comfort of your own home. No previous yoga experience required, but please seek the advice of your health care professional before you take any of our classes.

With 15 years of experience as a prenatal + postnatal yoga instructor, a birth doula, a postpartum corrective specialist and a mother to 3 spirited children, you will feel confident, knowledgeable and empowered in my classes.

See you in class,

Clare NewmanFounder of Mamata Yoga Academy

What it includes

  • 50 + Prenatal Yoga + Movement Classes
  • 30 + Postnatal Yoga + Movement Classes
  • 10 + Educational Masterclasses (Prenatal, Labour + Postpartum)
  • Live Mindfulness Talks
  • Guided Meditations (audio clips)
  • Virtual Community + Connection with other Mothers
  • Monthly Themes + Written Exercise
  • With NEW content uploaded every month!

The Mama community you’ve been waiting for

Imagine stepping into a beautiful mindful studio with like minded mamas from all over the world, going through the same journey with you. A place where you can take some well deserved time for you and for your baby, feel safe and supported by the community. No matter whether you live in a big city or a rural area with little-to-no birthing community.

One of our motto at Mamata Yoga is ‘we’re stronger as a community’ so join us now and start connecting with other mothers TODAY.

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Learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Find other mama’s in your community!

Download the classes on your computer, iPad or phone and practice at your own pace! Choose from a selection of 10, 30 or 60 minute yoga classes each with a different physiological ailment or intention and learn how to safely incorporate movement back into your daily life during pregnancy or after baby!

A Sneak Peak inside

At Mamata Yoga, our focus is to help to educate mothers about proper and safe movement to help to move with more ease, awareness and intention that extends into their daily lives. Here are some of the classes waiting for you inside:

The Female Pelvis: Healthy Movements

Connecting to your Breath

Opening the Heart: Chest + Shoulders

Earth Mama: Rooting + Grounding

Postpartum Care for the Core

Relax & Restore

Recharge + Reopen: Shoulders

Energize + Engage: Getting Rooted

Meet your teacher

Clare Newman has been teaching Perinatal Yoga for over 15 years! A mother to three adventurous and spirited children, she weaves her wisdom and years of experience as a birth doula with her guidance as a yoga instructor and inspirational guide. Clare has always been passionate about creating a global community of teachers and mothers who help to support one another throughout all stages of motherhood and beyond!

Ready to join us mama?

Your membership includes:

  • Access to a beautiful membership site where you have access to ALL our online yoga classes, with new ones uploaded every month (available for streaming or download, for both prenatal + postnatal)
  • Educational Masterclasses (Prenatal, Labour + Postpartum)
  • Live Mindfulness Talks
  • Guided Meditations (audio clips)
  • Monthly Themes + Written Exercises
  • A Virtual Global Community of mindful mamas

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What our Mamas say


How do I start?

First, the most important aspect of enrolling in any yoga class is to ask permission from your family doctor, midwife or obstetrician to practice yoga postures, stretches or movement based exercises given your current health.

Since these classes are lead with lots of anatomical instruction, you’ll need approval from your health care provider to make sure you are safe within each trimester.

Please do not practice any of the prenatal videos if your health care provider has placed you on bedrest. These classes are for suitable for those mothers both in pregnancy and postnatal who have been given the clearance or approval from their family doctor, midwife or obstetrician.

Please do not practice any of the prenatal videos if your health care provider has placed you on bedrest.  These classes are for suitable for those mothers both in pregnancy and postnatal who have been given the clearance or approval from their family doctor, midwife or obstetrician.

Do I need any experience with yoga to take these classes?

No previous yoga experience is required to participate in the online classes.  All of the online yoga classes with Mamata Yoga are structured as ‘multi-level classes’, meaning even the most novice students to the most advance student will find the classes descriptive and detailed offering lots of modifications and adaptations.

What yoga props do I need to start?

We do use a multitude of different yoga props throughout each class.  If you want the most benefit out of your home practice, the following props are recommended and can easily be ordered online.
•Yoga Mat
•Rectangular Yoga Bolster (or a long firm pillow)
•Yoga Blocks (wood or foam)
•Yoga Strap (or belt)
•Myofascial Release Balls (Tune up Fitness balls)
•Water bottle!
•Blanket and toys for baby (postnatal classes)
Find a nice, quiet area in your home and clear a wall if you can as some of the classes we use the wall for support!

What is the recommended time to begin a prenatal yoga practice?

The recommendation to begin a prenatal practice at home is after 12 weeks once your health care provider has given you permission to resume normal activity.
We like to remind mothers that the first 12 weeks of conception is exhausting and taxing on the physical body, so take this time to rest and recoup!  You amazing body is working incredibly hard to nourish your baby during this developmental time so rest up!
The second trimester (12 – 26 weeks) which is referred to as the ‘Golden Trimester’ is when mothers feel more refreshed and their energy levels surge.  This is the more suitable time to resume your activity level and enrol in the online yoga classes.
Can you start before?  Yes, but do you really want too?   Why not take it easy and just stay connected to your body and your baby.

What is the recommended time to begin a postnatal yoga practice?

The recommendation to being a postnatal practice at home is 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 12 weeks after a Caesarean birth?
Honestly, we recommend 12 weeks for both.  Why?  The most important aspect of postpartum healing is to not rush postpartum healing.  Meaning, take you time!!  Use the first 12 weeks to bond with your baby, rest and keep yourself nourished and hydrated.
Waiting 12 weeks increases a healthier postpartum recovery!  Hormonal fluctuation still effects the connective tissue and the smooth muscles for up to 12 weeks, urinary incontinence gradually begins to decrease after 12 weeks and the uterus and other organ movement reduces and shifts back to it’s original placement after 12 weeks.
Not to mention your baby has more of a routine after 12 weeks and is sleeping better which means, so are you!

How does the membership work?

We’re so glad you asked!  You can either sign up for our monthly membership fee of $30.00 USD per month or pay and save for the entire year at $300.00 USD.
This fee not only includes your access to ALL of our prenatal + postnatal online yoga classes but also classes to help you prepare for labour + delivery, master educational classes and guided mediations for a more focused pregnancy, labouring + birthing experience.
At Mamata Yoga we’re all about connecting mothers globally around the world so inlaced is access to our virtual community, monthly these and written journaling exercises and live mindfulness talks!
Once you pick your monthly or yearly subscription you are billed accordingly, sent a login and password and your virtual perinatal oasis awaits you!  You will login and view all the classes and meditations throughout your pregnancy and postpartum!!  This membership is essentially good for the next two years as you move throughout your pregnancy and postpartum recovery!
And guess what?  This site is monitored by REAL people who teach the classes so if you have any questions about a movement, you’ll be supported in knowing that the advice is based on education and expertise!

What are the Membership pricing options?

You can choose to join the online membership program at $30.00 USD per month or our yearly membership for $300.00 USD and SAVE!
Remember, this membership offer BOTH prenatal + postnatal yoga classes, meditations and access to our virtual community, so the yearly membership presents a good option because once you have your baby, you can view the postnatal classes and continue!
You can try the monthly membership for the first month and then still opt for the yearly if you would like to continue!
We update the video content and add videos twice a month so there is ways a free flow of additional classes and educational information!

What are the terms of the membership?

The terms of the monthly membership is 30 days commencing the day in which you registered for your membership.  We do not pro-rate cancellation so when you register the minimum is 30 days.  You can cancel anytime.
The terms for the yearly membership is 12 months commencing the day in which you registered for your membership.  There is no way to cancel this payment or subscription during the year so please be sure you are ready to commit for 12 months.
Our classes are are suitable for 2 + years!!  Yes, we have Prenatal classes (9 months) and classes to help health through the postpartum stage (which is forever really).

How many new classes are updated each month?

There are between 2-4 new classes added each month in either of the four categories; Prenatal, Labour + Delivery, Postnatal and Masterclasses.  We also add a new audio guided mediation for mama’s each month!

How is the class library organized on the membership site once I login?

There are 5 class categories in our membership site, each with an endless selection of class videos as well as our Masterclasses, which are more educational lessons for mama’s.
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Labour & Delivery
  • Postnatal Yoga
  • Masterclasses
  • Guided Meditations (audio)

Can I cancel anytime and how do I do so?

We’re sorry to see you go but of course, you can cancel your membership anytime.  Please note, these are monthly payments so you’ll still be charged for the 30 days.  The cancellation will be effective on the day in which you enrolled for the next month.
If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please email info@mamatayoga.com so we can keep our classes engaging.
The payment is automated via PayPal so in order to cancel your membership, please log into your Paypal account and click ‘My Account”.  You will see a button for ‘Auto payments’ with a Mamata Yoga Inc listing.  From here you can ‘cancel’ the ‘auto payment’.

What if I have a question about a pose or need a more suitable modification, who do I contact for support?

At Mamata Yoga, we take great pride in offering support to all the mothers and teachers enrolled in our classes and programs!  You can either email info@mamatayoga.com to communicate with Clare directly and ask any questions you may have about the classes or your movement practice or stay in touch with all the global mothers in our private Facebook page!

Can I download the online yoga classes?

Not directly onto your computer sadly as we reserve the rights to our video content!  You must login into the membership site you view the classes.  This does require you use your internet data and connection.  If you have any troubles with uploading the content, please do not hesitate to contact info@mamatayoga.com but do check your internet connection first!

Our New App

For teachers or students who need to modify their asana practice.

A quick and handy references for teachers and students who need to modify their asana practice. Complete with prenatal yoga sequences, modifications, pose descriptions and more.