Prenatal Partner Yoga & Massage

Clare Newman

Available Now

$10.00 USD


Join Clare for this Prenatal Partner Yoga class as well as your partner!
Invite another pregnant friend, partner or anyone willing to stretch with you AND give and receive some amazing massages!

This fun filled class is designed to connect labouring partners or for mama’s to be nurtured with the support or a friend or loved one! Practice yoga asana and learn a few prenatal thai yoga techniques allow for complete relaxation and enjoyment! It’s a treat for all involved!!

Length : 53 minutes

No previous yoga experience is required for this class.

$10.00 USD


What you will need:

Props Needed

  • Bolster or Pillow (1 or 2)
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Strap
  • Blanket

Don’t have these props? No worries, use whatever you have at home. You can use a harder pillow or book to replace the block, a tie or longer sock for a strap! Always be safe so please make sure whatever you’re using at home, you’re secure!

Partner Work:

This class includes some partner work so grab a partner or a friend! Don’t worry if you do not have anyone available. During the Prenatal Partner Yoga Squat, use the wall to lean against keeping your knees over your ankles or hold onto the edge of your couch to practice the birthing squat!

$10.00 USD