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Are you a yoga teacher, birth worker, mother or simply a being who is passionate about guiding birthing people through the practice of mindful movement & yoga during pregnancy?




Welcome to Prenatal Yoga Instructor Training

Get ready to guide others, create a place of healing, & build a community that sets you apart from the rest.


Newly Updated Self Paced Training


Mamata Yoga has been certifying yoga teachers globally since 2011.  

And we have recently upgraded our entire training! 

The best of both worlds describes our Self-Paced Hybrid Online 85 Hour Perinatal Training Program which allows you to move at your own pace from the comforts of your own home!  

Watch and review the training videos based on your schedule and join your ‘co-hort’ group LIVE twice a month (20 hours total) to ask questions, share ideas and practice teaching! 

 And of course... SWEET NEW VIBES!  

We take great pride in providing quality trainings for anyone being called to support their perinatal community.


Become a confident, knowledgable teacher!

Do you get nervous when an expectant parent enters your class?  Not sure how to offer modifications or wonder which poses are safe



What You'll Learn 

During The 85 Hour Yoga Alliance Training Practices

Our unique certified training educates on the entire parenting continuum from Pregnancy - Birth - Postpartum.

Certified Yoga

This comprehensive 85 hour teacher training program is certified by the international governing body of Yoga Alliance. We’ve chosen to design our course offering 3 core modules, covering Pregnancy, Conscious Couples (labour + birth) and Postpartum education.

Community Support

Mamata Yoga believes that we are stronger as a community! You will gain knowledge in spiritual modalities such as Reiki in pregnancy, Ayurvedic philosophy, Subtle Energy + The Chakras Reflexology, Pelvic floor exercises, Thai yoga massage and gain a deeper appreciation for the physiological + anatomical changes during Pregnancy.  

Journey into Parenthood

All of these healing modalities will allow you as a teacher to help guide and inspire your students, clients, women and beings to connect to their body, their baby and their pregnancy and to prepare wholeheartedly for the journey into motherhood/parenthood.  

Empower & Inspire

Teaching prenatal yoga asana is the easy part, it’s fostering a loving, non-judgemental environment and encouraging women and beings to find their inner strength while tapping into their innate wisdom which is our most important role as teachers.  


Empower your perinatal journey through education.

Are you a mother, parent or being that is passionate about learning how to connect deeper to your body and your baby using more conscious practices? We will help your heart and your soul prepare for birth and beyond! 



 If you are fascinated with learning all the wonders of the pregnant body, how to inspire your students to create a conscious connection during birth and to mindfully prepare for the transition into postpartum, this training is for YOU!  
Our training stands out because we believe in mentorship, connection and support in helping you to become a confident, educator and inspirational yoga + movement teacher!  

Pregnancy Lessons

3 Trimesters:
Mind + Body + Soul

Explore the physiological details of each week of gestation and how to best support students in each trimester.  

Prenatal: All the Why's? Physiological Changes

Why shouldn't we be laying on the back during pregnancy?  Why do leg cramps happen at 2 am?  Here we find out about all those 'why's'

Anatomy of the Breath:
How to Properly Manage Pressure + Load

Everything starts with the breath! Learn healthy breathing practices that are more anatomically supportive.

The Ancient Roots of Pregnancy

Our training have a great focus of all perspectives and theories, anatomical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  We also love to discuss all the ancient roots of pregnancy!


Concious Couples Lessons

We educate on ALL things pregnancy but there is also a need to prepare for the journey into Labour + Birth!
Mindfulness + Meditation - How to Prepare for Labour + Birth

In prenatal yoga classes, we guide students within their new pregnant body but also offer practical techniques to support their labour + birth!

Ayurvedic Nourishment During Pregnancy + Postpartum

Explore the 3 important principles during pregnancy + postpartum in Ayurveda to help find more balance within the doshas during these fluctuating stages! 

Prenatal Thai
Yoga Massage

The most popular training modules is learning Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage techniques!  Teach these simple and effective stretches to Birthing Couples or clients or grab your partner and let's connect, stretch, laugh and soothe!

Anatomical Labouring

There is a difference anatomical between movements of the pelvis during labour and birth!  Learn anatomical positioning unlike any other training or offering using functional movement. 


Postpartum Lessons

Learn practical foundations on how to support and teach postpartum parents and babies for a healthy recovery!

Posture, Alignment, Cueing + Sequencing

Postpartum cueing is very specific to ensure students are safe!  We take great pride in our sequencing classes and how to foster alignment principles for recovery!

Baby Yoga + Massage

Babies are the cutest little yogi's but after 9 months of compression, they too need a little yoga + massage.  We'll teach you a baby yoga and massage sequence, the perfect start to a class!

Healing from the

Our training covers all the layers of postpartum healing from the physical - emotional - mental and energetic potentials!  We must heal from the inside first, before all others.  Learn why!

Postpartum Recovery: The First 4 Months

There is a different between the first 4 months of postpartum and the next 8 months. Tissue composition shifts as hormones fluctuate, find out why and what we can do the first 4 months.

And so much more....

This calls to me... LET'S GO!

Expand your programming for a more mindful practice.

Are you looking for more pregnancy and postpartum practices to add to your existing offerings as a birth worker? This comprehensive perinatal training will inspire you to lead your mothers, beings and couples through movement, breath work and meditation practices for a more mindful experience!
I'm ready to EXPAND my offerings!

Training Requirements

  • Completion or Enrolment: in a 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance (in order or receive the Yoga Alliance designation).
  • Completion: 20 hours of Class Observation (either online or in-studio).
  • Written Distance Assignment: Approximately 5 hours (details are discussed in the training).
  • Attend: all LIVE Zoom classes (all sessions are recorded).
  • Review: 2 - 30 minute private Zoom meetings with Clare Newman


  • FREE guided meditation scripts and class sequences!
  • BONUS - 20 hours of LIVE ZOOM classes to enhance your skills as a teacher!
  • FREE access to our online class recordings for practicum review.
  • Teacher discounts on future workshops, classes and other trainings!

We offer this training ONLINE in 2023 as approved by Yoga Alliance.

What makes Mamata Yoga's style of self-paced online training so unique?

e're invested into your learning, success and completion of this training.  
We believe strongly in mentorship so you're not just learning through recordings!  We've implemented LIVE Online Q&A Meet Ups to accommodate your learning with a global group of teachers and to offer you a platform to ask questions and discuss with other teachers, leaders and educators! 

What they're saying...

"The Mamata 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is hands down the most thorough training I've completed!  This is not a school that just hands out the RPYT designation. Clearly developed with intention and from a place of passion for caring for mom and baby from the prenatal stage, through delivery and into the postpartum stage.  With many hours of in-depth training videos, "face to face" online sessions, assignments and practicum requirements this course not only delivered in overall value but also in developing confidence in teaching to this demographic.   I also loved Clare's dialog in her live sessions as it came from a place of awareness in creating an inclusive environment.  This class was so much more than I expected!  I'm truly grateful I went on this journey with Mamata Yoga."  
~ Bobbi - Jo
Chestermere, AB
"I am truly blessed to have connected with Clare Newman and Mamata Yoga: Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. The training and the information provided is comprehensive and cover more than Pre and Postnatal aspects... One can see that Clare has put her heart and soul into designing this training and the depth of compassion and commitment she has for women and mothers' health."  
~ Kaurobi
Ft. McMurray, AB
"The 85hr prenatal/postnatal certification taught by Clare Newman was everything I had hoped it would be. The extensive information Clare taught to us was current, practical, and easily understood. I felt ready to apply what I had learned right after the training was done. I am currently teaching prenatal and postnatal classes every week and love that I have the training and knowledge to support women during these times in their life."  
~ Amanda
Saskatchewan, Canada
"I spent months looking for the right online training; one where I would feel supported, one that wouldn't rush me as I needed to follow my own schedule. Everything I saw about Mamata Yoga called to my heart from the start, and I could not be more thankful for my time spent studying here with Clare. Upon completing my training, I feel so confident with the body of knowledge I am carrying in my teaching tool bag now. Clare has a clear mastery of the content and teaches it in such an in-depth way while still being beautifully relatable and comprehensible. You can feel all of the thought, love, and intention that went into creating every aspect of this program. Additionally, Clare was so available, helpful, and supportive every step of the way. Her experience, dedication, and passion speaks for itself, and it is so incredibly inspiring."  
~ Savanah
Kentucky, USA
"I can’t recommend Mamata Yoga teacher training enough! I began with the postnatal yoga training when I myself was a new mom and the course saved me! It helped me understand so much about what I was going through and helped me shift my yoga practice to really help me heal and transition both physically and emotionally. I then went on to do the online 85hr prenatal YTT and I was blown away by all of the information. Clare has a plethora of information that she shares based on her own experience as a mom, doula and yoga teacher. The fact that the course was online worked perfectly with my schedule as a new mom and Clare always made herself available for any questions. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about the motherhood journey and how yoga can help you along this path."  
~ Nicole
"I participated in the online prenatal teacher training and learned so much. As a yoga teacher, I was able to grow and expand my teaching skills while learning about how to keep pregnant people safe. I feel prepared to teach prenatal students and prepared to support my own yoga practice during my next pregnancy. The videos and supplementary materials were easy to follow, helpful and informative. I especially loved the thorough information about how to take care of the pelvic floor during pregnancy. I really wish I had that knowledge during my pregnancy!  I felt supported by Clare and Mamata Yoga throughout the process and would recommend this training to anyone!"  
~ Becca
Wisconsin, USA

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Join your chosen co-hort group for 8 two-and-a-half hour live online classes to help assist you while you move through the automated training process!

Zoom meetings will be Sundays on the dates below from 8:00 - 10:30 am MST.


Zoom meets on the following Sundays from 8:00 - 10:30 am MST:

January  7 & 21
February 4 & 18
March 3 & 17
April 7 & 14



Zoom meets on the following Sundays from 8:00 - 10:30 am MST:

 May 5 & 19
June 9 & 23
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August 11 & 25

Zoom meets on the following Sundays from 8:00 - 10:30 am MST:

Sept 15 & 29
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Nov 3 & 17
Dec 1 & 15

Step 2: Sign up & Start Today

Begin your prenatal journey with Mamata Yoga!

Register below for our SELF PACED online hybrid training and start moving through our automated system.


What's Included

Online access to the training dashboard which includes:

(VALUE: $1500 USD)

  • 25 Hour Prenatal Yoga Training
  • 25 Hour Conscious Couples Yoga Training
  • 25 Hour Postpartum Yoga Training
  • Comprehensive Training Manual of 610+ pages
Access to the NEW 4 Month Mamata Mentorship:

(VALUE: $1250 USD)

  • 20 hours of LIVE Zoom training with your co-hort group each month (Sundays 8:00 - 10:30 am MST)
  • Monthly training schedule to help you stay on track!
  • Weekly accountability assignments to inspire your learning
  • Private community chat for each co-hort to build community & feel supported
  • Access to prenatal + postnatal classes to complete practicum reviews
  • 30-Minute private monthly mentorship call with lead trainer Clare Newman
Plus access to our Online BONUS Training:

(VALUE: $500 USD)

FREE 25 Hour Fertility Yoga Training!

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $3,250 USD...

but you can get started today for an investment of only $1,111 USD.

$1,111 USD



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The Mamata Yoga Story

Mamata Yoga was created in 2011 after Program Director Clare Newman discovered she was pregnant with her second child and decided to create a prenatal yoga teacher training program to help create a solid unification of current yoga instructors and professionals who are interested in assisting women throughout pregnancy. Mamata Yoga has been a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance since 2011.  

We've been approved by the Yoga Alliance to teach this Online through 2023.  We only offer this Online Certified Training 3 times each year so would love to have you choose your co-hort and join us in this journey of movement and mindfulness!


Meet the woman behind Mamata Yoga

Clare Newman
Hello beautiful souls!

My name is Clare and I'm the Founder & Program Director of Mamata Yoga. I'm also a mother of three with over 23 years of experience in Hatha, Bikram, Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Kid's Yoga, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga.

I studied Iyengar yoga intensively for over 4 years, attending the teacher training program at the Yoga Studio College of Alberta in 2005 (Certified).

I am an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) and a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) with the Yoga Alliance.

I have assisted and lead 200-hour Teacher Training courses with Yoga Alliance since 2007 and am honoured to be the Program Director and co-facilitator for the 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Vikara Yoga Academy.

In 2005 I became a certified Doula from Global Birthing Institute. For years I volunteered at the Terra Association and assisted in helping teens prepare for Labour + Delivery and motherhood. I also taught several weekly prenatal yoga classes in Edmonton and surrounding cities.

Retirement as a Doula called early when I discovered I was pregnant with my first child in 2008 and made the dedication to focus my teachings on yoga.

I look forward to serving you and guiding you through your prenatal yoga training and can't wait to welcome you with open arms to the Mamata Yoga family!


I'm READY to start my training!

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$555 USD



$280 USD