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Myofascial Movement Lessons

Learn practical myofascial movements using Yoga Tune Up balls to safely teach prenatal and postpartum parents.

Cellular Physiology:  A review!

If you want to move using more intelligence, we must review some cellular physiology, after-all, the matrix of fascia stems far beyond the white webbing as its both tissue and an organ! To understand the complexities of fascia, we must first look at cells. 

What is Fascia?

Connective tissue and fascia, yes, they are the same, or are they?  In this fascia-nating lesson, you'll learn about ALL the different layers of fascia as it relates to the perinatal body and why it's important to be mindful with this transformative tissue.   

Fascial Anatomy Trains

Have you heard of the fascial trains?  Rolling out your fascia is a fine art (especially if it's done correctly) as it shouldn't move you into your stress response.  Let's discuss the  intricacies of the 12 myofascial trains and how we can best mobilize all facets of fascia. 

Biotensegrity:  Tension or Tightness?

We talk often about tightness in the perinatal body but have you ever thought about the tension that resides in the body?  Let's explore how the perinatal body supports load (weight) or tension and how to move more mindfully during recovery.

Perinatal Myofascial Tools

Listen up!  Foam rollers are OUT and Myofascial Tune Up balls are in!  Why?  Because these tune ups can access specific trigger points and muscle insertion for greater adaptability and movement.  In this lesson we'll explore all their magic!  

Prenatal Fascial Anatomy

If you love anatomy, you'll love this in-depth lesson!  First, we need to explore the anatomy of the prenatal body as well as posture and how all the tissues, systems and organs are affected by pregnancy hormones (including fascia). Don't worry, we make it fun!

Postpartum Fascial Anatomy

Do you also love learning about how the NEW postpartum body and how it shifted during Pregnancy and Birth?  There is a lot to explore in this lesson as we learn how to mobilize scar tissue using myofascial movement and tune up balls as well as precautions.  

Postpartum Myofascial Class Sequences + Structure

Now for the fun part, learning how to teach Perinatal Myofascial classes or encorporate Yoga Tune Up balls into your existing perinatal classes.  Let's explore all the different ways  to sequence classes. 

And so much more....


What You'll Learn 

During this Online 30 Hour Perinatal Myofascial Training

Our unique certified training will prepare you to safely teach Perinatal (Pre + Post) Myofascial classes or incorporate these techniques in your existing Prenatal or Postpartum classes!

Online Training Details

  • Training Lessons: Review all 18 training videos on the training dashboard (Self-Paced Training)
  • Practicum Observation: Review 5 Perinatal Myofascial Movement Yoga Classes - Online or In-Studio (included in your dashboard). 
  • Written Distance Assignment: 2 hour written assignment to enhance your learning (details are discussed in the training).  
  • Record: a 45-60 minute Myofascial Yoga Class to be submitted and reviewed.  
  • Meet with Clare: a 30 minute private Zoom meetings with Clare Newman for review!
  • Not a yoga teacher?  That's ok!  Upon completion of the requirements you'll still be certified teach.

Upon completing the training requirements, you will be sent a PDF copy of a certificate valid for employment opportunities as well as to obtain insurance. If you are a previous Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher you may use these hours towards your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). Mamata Yoga is a Registered with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP.


  • FREE guided meditation scripts for your classes!
  • FREE class sequences!
  • FREE access to our online class recordings for practicum review.
  • Teacher discounts on future workshops, classes and other trainings!

We are a YACEP provider with the Yoga Alliance.  These 25 hrs can be used towards your CEU's (continuing education credits) 


What makes Mamata Yoga's style of self-paced online training so unique?

We're invested into your learning, success and completion of this training.  
We believe strongly in mentorship so you're not just learning through recordings!   Book a LIVE session with Clare on Zoom to ask questions or to receive some support throughout your training.  We're here to accommodate your needs to ensure your success as well as completion!

Online Self-Paced  

If you prefer to learn on your own time within the constraints of your own schedule, this self paced training is for you! START TODAY and move through our automated training platform with over 18 training videos, samples classes, guided meditations and bonus material. Download a PDF copy of the comprehensive training manual (159 pages) directly on the site and get learning!

There are no expiry dates to our online 25 HR Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

What's Included?

  • 18 Online Training Lessons!
  • PDF Training Manual (159 pages) 
  • Perinatal Myofascial Yoga Classes to complete your observation!
  • Weekly schedule to complete the training in 6 weeks! 
  • FREE Access to our Online Mini Training Library (over 16 hours of bonus perinatal trainings) 
  • 2 - 30 minute Private Live Zoom Mentorship calls with your mentor Clare Newman.

Start your Self-Paced journey Today!

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The Mamata Yoga Story

Mamata Yoga was created in 2011 after Program Director Clare Newman discovered she was pregnant with her second child and decided to create a comprehensive yoga teacher training program to help create a solid unification of current yoga instructors and professionals who are interested in assisting mothers, beings and parents throughout their postpartum recovery. Mamata Yoga has been a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance since 2011.  

Hi Friends,

I'm your mentor and friend for this unique Online Perinatal Myosfasical Yoga Training. I've been teaching new mothers and beings in Perinatal health and recovery for over 18 years.  The best part of my job is helping people connect deeper to their body during this expansive journey! 

I get a lot of questions about ensuring prenatal and postpartum students are safe within their movement practice.  Often teachers want to use myofascial tools in classes but aren't sure as to what is safe for this most sensitive population of students.

While we're more limited on what we can offer due to the Perinatal connective tissue already pliable due to the hormone relaxin, there are still A LOT of techniques we can offer students to release neck and shoulder impingement and gluteal or pelvic pain. 

Thank you for answering this call to teach myofasical movement to your prenatal or postpartum students, I cannot wait to welcome you into our community!


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