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Postpartum Corrections for Deeper Connections!
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Welcome to Postpartum Reset Corrective Training

Get ready to guide others to a place of deep connection and integration using corrective and functional movement to enhance strength and awareness!

Hey Mama or Parent!


After the birth of your baby,  do you look in the mirror and wonder if you'll ever return to your 'self?'. I get it, you want to feel some sort of 'normalcy' after baby but the truth is,  YOU'RE NOW SO MUCH MORE!

You did it!  You birthed your baby!  Congratulations!  You waited patiently after your 6 week check up to return to your fitness classes but you struggle to properly engage your core?.  You're desperate for a 'quick fix' to fit into your favourite pre-pregnancy pants but creating healthy and strong patterns isn't measured by what you wear but rather how you FEEL!

The challenge that most postpartum parents don't understand about recovery after birth is how to create movement patterns that don't worsen with exercise. Most issues with diastasis recti, proplapse or incontinence continue to disrupt exercise because the root of the problem is being overlooked! 

Recovery and healing beings from the INSIDE out, which means you have to create a strong and healthy foundation before your start to see the results and optimize your strenght!  

So, welcome to the Postpartum Reset - the LIVE Postpartum Correction training that teaches you how to reset your postpartum body for long-term healing!

Are you a Yoga Teacher or Fitness leader? 

Are you looking for more education and healthy movement patterns to support your postpartum and menopausal students or clients suffering from prolapse and incontinence?

What You'll Learn 

During this Online Postpartum Corrective Reset Training!

Our unique certified training will prepare you to teach postpartum corrective + movement classes or how to safely lead Postpartum students during their healing + recovery from 6 weeks to 30 years!

Empower your postpartum journey through education.

Are you a mother, parent or being that is passionate about learning how to connect deeper to your body using functional movements to assist in healing your Diastasis Recti or pelvic floor? This 'reset' training will help you transform your recovery!
This is ME!



 If you are passionate about creating a safe, kind and non-judgemental community for your postpartum mothers and parents to connect and flourish, this training is for you!  Learn how to safely modify a movement practice for ANYONE who's had a baby!  From 6 weeks to 30 years! 
Our training stands out because we believe in mentorship, connection and support in helping you to become a confident, educator and inspirational corrective movement teacher!  

Postpartum Corrective Lessons

Learn practical foundations on how to support and teach postpartum parents and babies for a healthy recovery!

The Postpartum Assessment!

In order to 'feel' into the postpartum body, we start this trainings investigating and exploring our own body with a structural and anatomical assessment.  Looking at our gate, posture and the infrasternal angle!

The Postpartum Structure!

Each mother and parents is uniquely and exceptionally different and so is there recovery!  Let's take a look at the foundational, anatomical bony structure, joints, fascia and the magical systems within the new postpartum body!

The Anatomy of the Breath!

The breath is the foundation to every practice.  Learn how to release tension in the neck and shoulders and create breathing patterns that won't restrict the diaphragm, which helps to recover from diastasis recti.

The Knotty Neck!

Due to poor breathing patterns, feeding positions and pregnancy, new mothers and parents are breathing using their neck and shoulders muscles!  Let's explore the movements of the shoulder and how to release neck impingement!  

The Body Pelvis + Hip Alignment!

Depending on how one laboured (on their back?) this will affect the structure and movement of the body pelvis.  If you crave asymmetrical movement, we'll explore all the ways to find more balance! 

Diastasis Recti + Postpartum Core!

There are a ton of misconceptions about the Core and how to properly rehabilitate the connective tissue as well as the Transverse Abdominis for greater stability!  This lesson is packed full of helpfuul tips and tricks! 

Pressure, Prolapse + Pelvic Floor!

Did you know that pressure towards the pelvic floor that causes partial or full prolapse isn't always related to a weakness or strength in the pelvic muscles but also a result of tension?  Learn ALL the pelvic perspectives.

Class Structure + Sequence!

So now what?  How do we integrate all these corrective movements into our classes?  We'll show you how to sequence these classes for all postpartum bodies and range of healing - no matter what age!  

And so much more....

Expand your programming

Are you looking for more  postpartum practices to add to your existing offerings as a yoga teacher or fitness leader? This comprehensive corrective training will inspire you to lead your clients and students through corrective movement practices to build strength + awareness and healthy patterns that last a lifetime!
I'm ready to EXPAND my offerings!

Training Requirements

  • Who can enrol?¬†Yoga Teacher, Fitness Leader, Birth Doula, Mother or Being with previous knowledge or training in Perinatal health.¬†
  • Take this training to build YOUR recovery?¬† Oh yes, all are welcome!¬† This training will help you recover and build your awareness!
  • Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers, Fitness Leaders!¬†¬†You can use the hours towards CEU'S!
  • Practicum Observation:¬†5 hours of Class Observation (either online or in-studio).¬† These are included on your training dashboard.
  • Record a 1 hour Postpartum Corrective Reset class and submit for review!¬† Meet Clare LIVE to offer feedback!
  • Review:¬†2 - 30 minute private Zoom meetings with Clare Newman


  • FREE guided meditation scripts for your classes!
  • FREE class sequences!
  • FREE access to our online class recordings for practicum review.
  • Teacher discounts on future workshops, classes and other trainings!

We are a YACEP provider with the Yoga Alliance.  These 35 hrs can be used towards your CEU's (continuing education credits) 

What makes Mamata Yoga's style of self-paced online training so unique?

e're invested into your learning, success and completion of this training.  
We believe strongly in mentorship so you're not just learning through recordings!  We offer this training LIVE to best accommodate your learning with a global group of teachers and to offer you a platform to ask questions and discuss with other teachers, leaders and educators! 

What they're saying...

Move at your own pace!

This unique training is packed with anatomical knowledge and functional movement to help heal from the inside out.  Start and complete at your pace!  There is no expiry date!


What's Included

Online access to the training dashboard which includes:

(VALUE: $900 USD)


  • Online 'self-paced' Postpartum¬†Reset Corrective¬†Training
  • 30 recorded training lessons - theory and exercise + movement!
  • Postpartum Corrective Reset classes (recorded) to complete your practicum observation.
  • Comprehensive Training Manual¬†with anatomical theory and pose over 50 + corrective postures.¬†
  • 2 - 30 minute private Zoom calls with your Mentor Clare Newman to hone your skills and ask questions!¬†

$555 USD

Full Payment


$278 USD

2 Monthly Payment


$139 USD

4 Monthly Payments


The Mamata Yoga Story

Mamata Yoga was created in 2011 after Program Director Clare Newman discovered she was pregnant with her second child and decided to create a comprehensive yoga teacher training program to help create a solid unification of current yoga instructors and professionals who are interested in assisting mothers, beings and parents throughout their postpartum recovery. Mamata Yoga has been a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance since 2011.  


Meet the woman behind Mamata Yoga

Clare Newman
Hello beautiful souls!

My name is Clare and I'm the Founder & Program Director of Mamata Yoga. I've been teaching yoga professionally for over 18 years of experience in Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Kid's Yoga, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga.

I studied Iyengar yoga intensively for over 4 years, attending the teacher training program at the Yoga Studio College of Alberta in 2005 (Certified).

I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) and a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) with the Yoga Alliance.

I became a mother for the first time 14 years ago and I now have three amazing children!  Teaching Prenatal education, Labour + Birth Prep courses and postpartum health and wellness is my deepest passion! 

In 2005 I became a certified Doula from Global Birthing Institute. For years I volunteered at the Terra Association and assisted in helping teens prepare for Labour + Delivery and motherhood. I also taught several weekly prenatal yoga classes in Edmonton and surrounding cities.

All of our trainings and offering at Mamata Yoga are an amalgamation of all our experiences and continued education in the perinatal field.  Combining the holistic wisdom of yoga + movement with more practical and associative theories in anatomy and physiology.  

I became a Certified Postpartum Corrective Specialist in 2018 where I've been helping postpartum students and women in their menopausal years recover from their birthing experience (after they see they physiotherapist) to create functional movement patterns to optimize their health!

I look forward to working with you and showing all the magical ways we can move the body!

I'm READY to start my training!

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