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Prenatal Yoga Certification!

Are you a yoga teacher, birth worker, mother or simply a being who is passionate about guiding expectant students safely through the practice of mindful movement & yoga during their pregnancy?


Your Online Training Dashboard!


Pregnancy Lessons

Learn practical foundations on how to support and teach expectant students in ALL trimesters for a deeper connection to SELF and baby!

Pregnancy Concerns & Conditions

Explore all the common pregnancy concerns, ailments + conditions to keep your students safe in all trimesters. Learn how to modify movement for pubis symphysis, partial prolapse and more.

Anatomy of the Breath

Everything starts with the breath!  Learn suitable + safe pranayama techniques for pregnancy and conscious breath-work to prepare for birth as well as how to deepen the relaxation response using breath.  

The 3 Trimesters:  Mind, Body + Spirit

Journey into the physiological differences between the trimesters and how to support your students. Do you know what happens to the organ tissues during the 3rd trimester?  Let's explore more in this amazing lesson!

Ayurvedic Nourishment 

Learn how the dosha's are affected during pregnancy and how students can find more balance and ease through creating healthy thoughts, nourishment and movement patterns.  Healing from the inside-out!

Prenatal Yoga Asana

Delve deeper into yoga asana as we explore detailed modifications and alignment principles for over 50 postures during pregnancy.  We'll discuss how to modify during each trimester, the benefits, precautions and alignment principles! 

Mindfulness + Meditation

Preparing for pregnancy, birth and beyond using guided meditations, Yoga Nidra and affirmations to reduce stress and fears about the impending birth.  Prepare your students to move towards the depths of their hearts.

Anatomy + Physiology

Are you intrigued as to all the 'prenatal' why's?  We are known for our thorough prenatal anatomical education.  Discover the fascinating intelligence of the pregnant body to help educate and enhance your teaching.

Prenatal Posture, Alignment and Cueing

This training is dedicated to ensuring you feel knowledgable and confident to teacher prenatal students.  This lesson explores the importance of prenatal alignment and precise cueing for all trimesters.

And so much more....


What You'll Learn 

During this Online 25 Hour Prenatal Yoga Training

Our unique certified training will prepare you to teach Prenatal Yoga classes to safely lead expectant students in ALL trimesters and guide them towards a more conscious + connected birthing experience!  

Online Training Details

  • Completion:¬†Review all 18 training videos on the training dashboard¬†(Self-Paced training)
  • Practicum Observation:¬†Review¬†5¬†Prenatal Yoga Classes¬†- Online or In Studio (included in your dashboard)
  • Written¬†Distance Assignment:¬†¬†2 hour written assignment to enhance your learning (details are discussed in the training).
  • Record: a one hour Prenatal Partner Yoga class to be submitted and reviewed
  • Meet with Clare:¬†a 30 minute private LIVE Zoom session for review.
  • Not a yoga teacher?¬†¬†That's ok!¬† Upon completion of the requirements, you'll still be certified to teach!

Upon completing the training requirements, you will be sent a PDF copy of a certificate valid for employment opportunities as well as to obtain insurance. If you are a previous Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher you may use these hours towards your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). Mamata Yoga is a Registered with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP.


  • FREE guided meditation scripts for your classes!
  • FREE class sequences!
  • FREE access to our online class recordings for practicum review.
  • Teacher discounts on future workshops, classes and other trainings!

We are a YACEP provider with the Yoga Alliance.  These 25 hrs can be used towards your CEU's (continuing education credits) 

What makes Mamata Yoga's style of self-paced online training so unique?

e're invested into your learning, success and completion of this training.  
We believe strongly in mentorship so you're not just learning through recordings!  We've implemented LIVE Online Q&A Meet Ups to accommodate your learning with a global group of teachers and to offer you a platform to ask questions and discuss with other teachers, leaders and educators! 

Online Self-Paced  

If you prefer to learn on your own time within the constraints of your own schedule, this self paced training is for you! START TODAY and move through our automated training platform with over 18 training videos, samples classes, guided meditations and bonus material. Download a PDF copy of the comprehensive training manual (240 pages) directly on the site and get learning!

There are no expiry dates to our online 25 HR Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

What's Included?

  • 18 Online Training Lessons!
  • PDF Training Manual (240 pages)¬†
  • Prenatal Yoga Classes¬†to complete your observation!
  • Weekly schedule¬†to complete the training in 6 weeks!¬†
  • FREE Access to our¬†Online Mini Training Library¬†(over 16 hours of bonus perinatal trainings)¬†
  • 2 - 30 minute Private Live Zoom Mentorship¬†calls with your mentor Clare Newman.

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Full Payment

$333 USD

Online 'Self-Paced' Certification



$167 USD

Online 'Self-Paced' Certification



$84 USD

Online 'Self-Paced' Certification


The Mamata Yoga Story

Mamata Yoga was created in 2011 after Program Director Clare Newman discovered she was pregnant with her second child and decided to create a comprehensive yoga teacher training program to help create a solid unification of current yoga instructors and professionals who are interested in assisting mothers, beings and parents throughout their postpartum recovery. Mamata Yoga has been a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance since 2011.  

Hi Friends,

I'm your mentor and friend for this unique Online Prenatal Yoga Training.  I created this training in 2011 when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was enamoured after reading about the connectedness between mother, being and baby on an emotional and spiritual level that I decided to have a more conscious birthing experience than I had with my son.  

  I began to weave my experience as a full spectrum doula and yoga teacher into this program after noticing there was a need for more 'knowledge' based practices in yoga.  At Mamata Yoga we truly believe that being educated about pregnancy and birth leads to more personal empowerment during this time of transformation.  We don't just teach you how to move and breathe, we teach you how to expand and evolve your teachings as well as your students birthing journey!

Thank you for answering this call to teach prenatal, I cannot wait to welcome you into our community!


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