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Welcome to our Online 25 hr Conscious Couples Yoga Teacher Training.  This unique training prepares yoga teachers, birth workers and educators to teach expectant couples prenatal thai yoga massage techniques, conscious breathwork to prepare for delivery and anatomical laboring positions for a more empowered birthing experience.  If you're a Yoga Alliance teacher, these hours can be used for Online Continuing Education Units (CEU's). YES, upon completion you'll receive a Certificate to teach and gain employment!


Newly Updated Training Launched 2022!

Mamata Yoga has been certifying yoga teachers globally since 2011.  We have recently upgraded our entire training!  NEW comprehensive trainings manuals with current resources, NEW updated training videos, NEW automated training platform and more importantly, SWEET NEW VIBES!  We take great pride in providing quality trainings for anyone being called to support their perinatal community!

Labour + Birth with more awareness

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Birth Prep

When a couple discovers “they’re pregnant,” it’s a momentous occasion to rejoice in the thought of becoming parents and celebrate with a pure sense of happiness and joy. It is also quite natural, amid all the excitement and anticipation, to experience fleeting moments racked by fear of the unknown, and genuine trepidation – anxiety, apprehension, panic, shock, fright and neuroses – about the drastic changes ahead.

Development and Growth

The focus almost instantly shifts to the mother or birth being, however, as physical changes in her body positively indicate fetal development and growth. Spouses need not feel ignored or marginalized during this pivotal transformational stage. Although they are not directly related to the internal development of their child, a supportive and involved spouse can have a very positive and intrinsic effect on the earliest emotional development, awareness and well-being of their baby.

Deepen Connections

A couple can use their pregnancy as a catalyst to enhance and deepen their connections – not only between mother/being and baby, and father/being and baby but between mother/being and father/being – in ways that will benefit all members of the newly emerging family. Our Conscious Couples Yoga Teacher Training program can be completed at your own pace.

Transition of Parenthood

With 20 hours of instructional recordings and 5 hours of assignments to be completed through the manual and workbook provided. This comprehensive program aims to connect labouring partners before their bountiful birth. The intention behind this unique training is to globally increase the mindfulness of how we treat our partners and also how couples move through the transition of parenthood feeling loved and supportive despite the drastic changes.

Comprehensive Movement Practices

In this yoga teacher training, you will learn and practice foundational elements into your yoga practice.
Guided Meditation to Prepare for a Conscious Birth

Our favourite is hearing our partners voice during labour! Enjoy inspirational meditative scripts for couples to prepare for birth! 

Prenatal Partner Yoga Asana

The balance in life is having FUN! We can't resist Partner Yoga Asana to help soothe the pregnant body and the practice is more amazing with ones partner!

Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage

Yup!  We offer Prenatal Thai Yoga massage techniques to teach to other couples or to enjoy with your own!  It's the most favourite module of them all! 

Anatomical Labouring Positions

Many are not aware that labouring and birthing positions anatomically require different movements in the bony pelvis and hips!  Explore the differences.

Movement within the Pelvis During Labour

Did you know, you can move the bony pelvis is subtle ways to 'widen the back' to help with labour + birth? We discuss all the ways...

Reframing Pain in Labour and Birth

The biggest fear in labour + birth is the imminent pain that everyone talks about.  What if it's 'intense' and we reframe our fears?  

Stages of Labour + Delivery

This isn't your ordinary stages talk as we discuss all the miraculous ways in which the body responds to birth.  Cool trick and tips too.   

Reflexology + Massage to Sooth the Soul

We love massage techniques, especially as it relates to supporting expecting and labouring couples!  Let's get our hands warm!

And so much more....

Training Requirements

  • Complete: 5 LIVE Zoom classes (Live Online Training) or Review all 18 training videos on the training platform (Self-Paced training)
  • Observe: 5 Prenatal Yoga Classes - Online or In Studio
  • Record: a one hour Prenatal Yoga class to be submitted and reviewed
  • Meet with Clare: a 30 minute LIVE Zoom session for review


Upon completing the training requirements, you will be sent a PDF copy of a certificate valid for employment opportunities as well as to obtain insurance. If you are a previous Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher you may use these hours towards your CEU’s (Continuing Education Units). Mamata Yoga is a Registered with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP.

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Live Training

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Self-Paced Training 

Move at your own pace!  



If you prefer to learn alongside a group of global teachers or in the virtual presence of your  teacher, this LIVE training is for you!! Meeting for 5 LIVE Zoom classes on Tuesday’s from 9:00 - 1:00 pm MST to discuss the training topics, ask questions, discuss with other global teachers and practice teaching.  

NEXT LIVE: 25 HR Conscious Couples Yoga Teacher Training

  • Starts: September 13th, 2022
  • Tuesday: Sept 13th, 27th, Oct 11th, 25th and Nov 8th   

All classes are recorded and a LINK will be emailed within 24 hours.  

"Clare is extremely knowledgable and a wonderful resource in the field of perinatal yoga and education. As a nurse, I found profound value in what she offers, and her experience is palpable. Attending this program not only taught me how to safely guide prenatal students though a yoga practice, but helped me have the confidence to move toward my life's purpose wholeheartedly (midwife). If you get the experience to learn from Clare, please take it!"

. . . 

Brandi, Cold Lake, AB


If you prefer to learn on your own time within the constraints of your own schedule, this self paced training is for you! START TODAY and move through our automated training platform with over 18 training videos, samples classes, guided meditations and bonus material. Download a PDF copy of the comprehensive training manual (240 pages) directly on the site and get learning!

There are no expiry dates to our online 25 HR Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

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At Your Own Pace

  • Access to our automated training site. 

  • PDF of comprehensive training manual (136 pages) 

  • Online yoga classes to complete observation!
  • 16 Training Lessons (20 hours). 

  • Prenatal Partner Yoga class sequences and plans.

  • Guided Meditations scripts for Labour + Birth!

  • Invite to Private fb group with global teacher!

  • Ongoing support from teachers and educators!



$555 USD

LIVE with Mentor!

  • Live via Zoom with Clare Newman.

  • PDF of comprehensive training manual (136 pages).

  • Online yoga classes to complete observation.
  • Weekly homework + accountability check-ins!

  • Prenatal Partner Yoga class sequences and plans.

  • Guided Meditation scripts for Labour + Birth!

  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!
  • 2 - 30 minute private training sessions with Clare Newman.


$599 USD

Couples Training + Pick A Second (SELF PACED)

  • Everything is better in pairs!

  • Interested in one of our other 25 hr Online 'self-paced' trainings?

  • Choose a second:  Fertility, Prenatal or Postpartum Yoga Training!

  • Access to automated training site (35 lessons).

  • PDF of comprehensive training manuals.

  • Invite to Private FB group with global teachers!

  • Ongoing support from teachers and educators.

  • and more....