Are you preparing for Labour + Birth?


8 weeks of Movement, Massage and Mindfulness

Imagine each week you and your parter receive a Couples Yoga class to inspire a deeper connection, Couples massage class to soothe the pregnant body, guided meditation to prepare for birth, a creative date night challenge and more! You receive ALL of these each week in the Conscious Connection Series!

Get Ready to have some FUN!

Each week you and your partner will receive access to your NEW Partner Yoga + Mindfulness pratices to prepare for Birth (and each other).  Login to your private Dashboard and access to the themed perinatal week!  Yoga and massage classes and creative ideas to foster a deep bond between the three (or four) of you! 


Your Online Dashboard!

Building a deeper Connection!

8 Exciting Weeks!

You'll receive the following:

  • 60 minute Prenatal Partner Yoga class
  • 20 minute Couples Massage class
  • 5 minute Guided Meditation to Prepare you both for Birth! 
  • The Journey Journal: Questions for Reflections for New Parents!
  • Date Night - Creative activities to keep the partner spark alive!

Weekly Connection Themes

Building a loving Bond!

Week #1 - Connecting to your Newly Emerging Family!

Week #2 - Lumbar Love + Your Beloved

Week #3 - The Power within your Pregnancy! 

Week #4 - Heart - to - Heart!

Week #5 - Release + Renew 

Week #6 - Preparing for Labour + Birth

Week #7 - Honouring the Light Within

Week #8 - Restore & Explore

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8 Week Online Series!

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10 hours of Partner Classes!


Meet your Teacher Clare!

Yoga Teacher, Birthing Educator, Perinatal Expert and Mama of Three!

Hello Friends,

Teaching couples how to connect to their pregnancy and preparing partners for Labour + Birth is my passion.  I witness so many couples feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting information and options of others in regards to their pregnancy - I am here to simply all of this for you! 

I've been working in the Perinatal community for 18 years as both a yoga teacher and birth worker.  I weave anatomical education, lightheartedness and my experience as an educator in all of my classes to inspire and educator couples to feel more empowered on their journey towards birth!

While the focus is almost always on the labouring mother + being, this is a journey that you will embark on WITH your partner as you transcend together as parents.  I want all partners to also feel loved and supported in this experience as it has the ability to transcend couples toward a healthy and loving future.  

This Conscious Connection series doesn't only teach you soothing mindfulness techniques during pregnancy, it also guides each of you to see one another and your baby as a sacred gift. One of the most challenging aspects for couples once baby arrives is losing the connection as your energy becomes all consumed with your wee one, but it doesn't have to be.

As a mother to three and birth + postpartum doula, supporting couples has always been something that brings joy into my life.  My intention in this series as well as in ALL of my classes is to educate to empower - helping couples advocate for one another as they prepare for birth, baby and beyond! 

If we start creating healthy conversations, loving and supportive connection while having fun, it will foster much gratitude for one another which allows for more grace, more kindness and more understanding.  

So, join me on this 8 week journey where we'll laugh, grow and learn some fascinating tips and tricks to birth more consciously.  I can't wait to meet you! 





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8 week Online Series