Prenatal Workshops


Enlightened Education 

Mamata Yoga is committed to providing women, beings and couples with enlightened education to help make more informed choices during the pregnancy journey. All of the workshops being offered with Mamata Yoga have been chosen with the specific intention to help educate and inform ALL professional educators in their field of practice!

Wisdom of Mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness workshops were created and intended for those looking for more detailed knowledge on a certain topic of interest. These online workshops are the perfect introduction to yoga wisdom and knowledge as it pertains to pregnancy and is offered LIVE via Zoom.  All are welcome to join any of our informational workshops and no previous yoga experience is required. Our workshops are recorded if you cannot attend LIVE and a link to the recording will be emailed within 24 hours. 

To know and to understand that the first sounds that a baby will hear is the parents heartbeat is beautifully fascinating. The power to heal and to connect through the use of sound is an enlightening experience for mothers, birth beings and babies.

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Clare Newman

Pregnancy Tips + Tricks: All the why’s? 

Are you a newly expecting and in search of all the why’s! Why shouldn’t you be laying on your back in the third trimester? Why is it necessary to practices ‘kegels? Why is it necessary to breathe towards the ribs? Why do I have pain towards my pubic bone?  

Often times we’re not sure which questions to ask our health care provider, obstetrician and/or midwife. There is so much conflicting information between website and the opinions of others, it can be very overwhelming.


Workshop Topics 

Join Mamata Yoga founder and educator Clare Newman for this enlightening and heartfelt 2 hour online prenatal yoga workshop where she’ll simplify all the ‘why’s’ about Pregnancy and how to move through this journey feeling more empowered and educated.  

  • Common Pregnancy Aches + Pains!  
  • How to find relief from physical changes!  
  • What is a ‘kegel’ and what you should actually be contracting to prepare for labour!
  • Common Pregnancy Myths + Misconceptions!  

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$33 USD

Pregnancy Tips + Tricks: All the why’s?

Date: Saturday, July 9th from 9:00 - 11:00 am MST