Mamata and Empowered Yoga: The Power of Prenatal

Nov 18, 2014

One intention – Two great programs!!

Interested in taking the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program through Mamata?  Well, we have another incentive besides creating confidence to lead expectant mothers safely and being ever-so knowledgeable in all things pre and postnatal!


Mamata Yoga is an 85 hour certified program through the Yoga Alliance and is now in cahoots with another great training – Empowered Yoga’s 500 RYT program!!  You can now use Mamata’s 85 hours towards the 500 hour program!!  That’s like two nurturing two birds with one precious stone, non?


500 hour Empowered Yoga Teacher Training-Evolution

The theme of the training is evolution, and it is our intention to empower students to find the courage to create their own practice of yoga from wisdom and authenticity.


To apply for the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate that meets Yoga Alliance standards is required. The Successful completion of 300 hours of Empowered Yoga continued education yoga teacher training will certify you as a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Empowered Yoga, as recognized by Yoga Alliance.


This program is “choose your own adventure” and may take 6 months – 2 years to complete. Each year there will be six “mandatory” weekend modules (25hrs) that participants are encouraged to attend in the same calendar year. In addition to the 6 mandatory weekend modules, there are 150 hrs of “choose your own adventure” course material (MAMATA YOGA) The course can be started at any time and while there are a some required modules, most of the course is available on-demand or pay as you go.


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