The ReBirth of Motherhood!

Mar 26, 2015

Mamata Yoga is looking for written BLOG contributions and ambassadors who are passionate about creating a stronger and supportive community for mothers during pregnancy, labour and postpartum!


Share personal stories or offer guidance to mothers looking to deepen and connect during this tranformational and gifted time!  Our intention is to share raw, honest and peritanat information that seems to be over-looked or un-supported in our current culture.


In our prenatal/postnatal training’s we’ve coined ourselves “The Vagina Warriors” which isn’t meant to be offensive or feministic but rather to trust the feminine wisdom within during uncertain times and with unepected changes.  To take ahold of the birthing reins we seems to have lost and to become reborn and revitalized as mothers.


We need to support one another and by doing so, we can begin break down the competitive barriers, contraints and unnecessary stressors mother’s are enduring during postpartum!


Unite Vagina Warriors!


For more information or send BLOG Submissions to:  [email protected]


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