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January 2023

Perinatal Neurobiology + the Nervous System

We're starting this year with perinatal mental health!  This month we'll explore the stories we hold based on our experience that may also provide the key to recovery and healing.  We will dive deep into the science of safety, the physiology of the nervous system and attachment, and mindfulness practice for staying connected during the perinatal period and beyond! 

February 2023

Early Childhood Development + Enrichment

As mothers and parents, we're constantly interested in how we can create a safe and profound container for our children to safely learn and grow.  Not all children learn and move through this world the same so knowledge is important in order to encourage growth and enrich their lives.  We must parent and lead not from our own expectations or trauma bonds, but by honouring who they are and supporting them on their chosen path.  

March 2023

Infant & Toddler Awareness 

This month is dedicated to learning more about baby and infant massage as well as other tools and techniques to invite babies into a yoga practice or mommy/parent group! Join us as we discuss the developmental journey of infants from newborns to the first 2 years and how we can help regulate their emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and energetic needs as parents and guides!  

April 2023

Ancient Medicinal Wisdom

All living and non-living qualities share five essential elements; Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  For all qualities to remain healthy and whole, the Universe depends upon the harmony and balance of these five elements.  If you're interested in learning ancient medicinal perinatal practices such as meridians, marma points, and herbal wisdom from a Traditional Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine and philosophy then this month might just be your favourite!  

May 2023

Perinatal Function + Movement!

The perinatal body can move in magnificent and awe-inspiring ways yet many yoga and fitness classes underutilize their power and potential. May is Movement month where we'll explore creative ways to move both the prenatal and postpartum body.   Learn about fascial lines, biotensegrity structure of forces and load, and how to properly align the body and build a healthy foundation for long-term health and wellness.     

June 2023

Mindfulness + Inclusiveness

In celebration of Pride Month, we'll be exploring what it means to be inclusive in the birthing community.  How we can support BIPOC students and clients and why inclusive language is important. It requires all of us to take a deep dive into our own hearts and not only offer compassion but to also sit, listen and be still. There is both lightness and darkness in every community and as leaders, we cannot ignore those being marginalized.  

July 2023

Neuroscience, Nidra and the Power of Meditation!

Does baby brain really exist?  Or is it due to synaptic pruning which physiologically decreases certain connections between brain cells in order to facilitate new ones?  The grey matter shrinks in order for mothers and parents to bond with their babies and ensure their safety as well as their survival.  Let's explore the neural perinatal pathways, the benefits of Yoga Nidra and how to meditate during motherhood/parenthood.  

August 2023

Hormonal Health and Nutritional Awareness

When in doubt, have your hormones checked out. As we age, finding a balance in hormones becomes the ultimate goal as so many are plagued with exhaustion, lack of focus, slower metabolism and abdominal distention to name a few.  Understanding our cycles and learning to support our endocrine system with proper nutrition will allow mothers and beings to feel more grounded and connected on their perinatal journey!  

September 2023

Building your Business + Brand! 

Do you need help building your perinatal business or brand?  This is the perfect month to explore business and branding strategies with successful entrepreneurs.  Sharing their tips and tricks, mistakes and valuable lessons as well as their advice on how to increase your reach both online and 'in-person'.  Social strategies, management systems, brand imaging and much more!  Business 101, 102 and 103! 

October 2023

The Postpartum Nest! 

When you hear the word 'nest', what do you visualize?  How would you describe a postpartum nest?  Due to the increase of postpartum anxiety and depression in the last few years, we'll explore how we can help build a community nest to support mothers and beings as well as explore some ancient rites and practices that have been lost in our modern world!  Postpartum health is long-term health!  

November 2023

Perinatal Trauma Awareness

Perinatal trauma has increased in the last few years or at the very least, we're more open as a community to openly share and discuss trauma as it related to pregnancy, birth or postpartum!  Let's take a deep dive into the various experiences with birth trauma, how we can create a supportive and nurturing environment for perinatal trauma survivors and how to rebuild the connection to ourselves, our bodies and our hearts after trauma.    

December 2023

Labour + Birth and Beyond! 

Did you know that the most important aspect of birth is building awareness?  In order to move the baby through the pelvis, we need to learn how the pelvis moves.  What does it mean to anatomically labour and how we can help support students and clients with different modalities and perspectives?  

'I am truly blessed to have connected with Clare Newman and Mamata Yoga; Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. The training and the information provided is comprehensive and covers more than Pre and Postnatal aspects. The manual that Clare has created is extensive and is such a fantastic resource for instructors like me who can refer to it time and again. One can see that Clare has put her heart and soul into designing this training and the depth of compassion and commitment she has for women and mothers’ health'

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