Labour & Delivery

Conscious Birthing & Yoga Wisdom

Clare Newman

Launching New Year 2018!

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Preparing for birth is so much more than just reading a book or actively participating in preparation classes. Birthing is one of those typical situations a mother finds herself in when she tries to prepare but could never really prepare enough. To birth consciously a mother must access a deep, primal vortex that may have been untouched or even undiscovered until that very unexpected and anticipated moment. The correlation between the history and practice of yoga and birthing weaves a wonderful story of unconscious consciousness. Join Clare Newman for this Master Class and learn the art of Conscious Birthing and the Wisdom of Yoga for all mothers.

Topics of Discussion:

  • The 5 Sheaths and Yogic Birthing.
  • Ayurvedic Stages of Labour & Delivery.
  • The 8 Limbed Path for Modern Motherhood.
  • Mindful and Guided Meditations for Birth.

$35.00 USD

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