Mindful Mama’s: A Guide of What to expect During Pregnancy

Clare Newman

Launching New Year 2018!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! After the glow of seeing the positive result and the constant exhaustion during the first 12 weeks of creation, pregnancy starts to feel a bit more real with the growth and ailments that contribute to this bountiful journey. Ever wonder why your obstetrician or midwife has advised you to sleep on your left side during pregnancy? Or why you feel a sudden pulling or tightening in the abdomen? Ever have those questions of, ‘is this normal’? or ‘why is this happening’?
This Master Class is designed for mothers to understand and connect with the changes in their own body and to establish or reaffirm the mind-body connection needed to stay present in each and every moment during the pregnancy stage. Some questions seem to go unanswered as to the ‘why does this happen during pregnancy’ or ‘why didn’t anyone tell me this before’? The intention behind this Master Class is to educated mother’s on important information that is being overlooked in the medical community. It’s a mixture of mothers not understanding which questions to ask and medical professionals not having enough time to educate mother’s. Join Clare Newman to learn about the changes occurring in your body and understanding the bodies meaning to all those unanswered questions.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Postural changes during pregnancy.
  • What is diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and why does it occur in pregnancy?
  • Why am I advised to sleep on my left side and is it okay to sleep on my back during pregnancy?
  • Round ligament pain, what is it and why does it occur?
  • Proper pelvic floor engagement, good-bye kegels!
  • Common pregnancy ailments (back pain, sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel, pubis symphysis), why do they occur and how can I find relief?
  • Organ placement, where are they now?
  • Trimester Tidbits (the real information you need to know).
  • How to prepare for baby (yes baby, not labour & delivery).
  • Essential postpartum necessities (the first 6 weeks of motherhood).
  • What every mother NEEDS to know during their pregnancy.

$35.00 USD

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